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1:34 - There's so much dispute over multivitamins for adults & kids. Some say they are worthless, others say they are essential. I'm pregnant & there seems to be NO dispute over me taking a prenatal, why?
4:14 - I have recently been told by a woman that there are all these studies about bras causing breast cancer. have you heard of any? Is she just a fearmonger? Sounds awfully suspicious to me.
5:15 - What are your thoughts on breastfeeding? Are the benefits overhyped? Are the recommendations (6 months exclusive) practical?
7:09 - what do you think about gene therapy?
9:12 - is the silverchloride in anti-perspirants harmful? If yes, are there alternatives?
10:07 - Does The Pill have any side effect for later in life when you would like to have children?
11:12 - Tell me more about the government's inability to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices w.r.t Medicare Part D
13:18 - Are Doctors of Ostheopathy (DO) as good as regular doctors (MD)?
13:58 - Our pediatrician has been very adamant about our 14 month old drinking whole milk due to high fat requirements for the developing brain. Is this legitimate? At what point is milk no longer beneficial?
15:43 - What is up with food dyes and adhd? Hoax or just circumstantial? Or is there actually a causational link?
17:04 - Ok, seriously though... why is the lens of the microscope in your "To the Research" poster shaped like a condom?
17:43 - What kind of evidence/studies are there showing support for the idea that pregnant women shouldn't consume certain things such as sushi or coffee?
19:33 - How good is the research on vegan lifestyles and their health benefits?
21:00 - Any perspective of genetic counseling and the importance of proactive genetic testing?
22:24 - Is aspartame as harmful as everyone says? Episode on sweeteners:
23:05 - Does your opposition to the Milk Industrialization Complex apply to soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk too?
24:15 - Why is there a lack of effective treatments for chronic fatigue? (questions/titles got out of order. Ignore the title card :) )
25:17 - How does the U.S deal with the regulation of supplementary "medicines"? For example, hunger control medicines used traditionally but lacking evidence. News Episode on supplements:
26:23 - Ibuprofen vs paracetamol for sore throat from a common cold? Does it matter that much? I've read that Ibuprofen increases the average length of a cold?
28:32 - I've noticed loads of food seems to contain a huge amount of saturated fat. What are the negative health benefits?
30:08 - Eczema! what works what doesn't?

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