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In which John Green welcomes you to 100 Days, a YouTube channel (debuting on January 1st, 2017) that will follow John and his best friend Chris will go on a 100-day adventure to learn about fitness and health in an attempt to have a healthy midlife crisis. Subscribe now!
Hello, and welcome to 100 Days! My name is John Green. I'm a novelist, video blogger, and noted health and fitness expert. I know this is gonna come as a surprise to a lot of you but I'm not actually a health and fitness expert. I don't know much about treating my body well. I have a very sedentary lifestyle, I wouldn't say my diet is great -- or even good. But, starting January 1st, here at this channel, my best friend Chris and me (Chris and I!) are gonna spend 100 days learning about health and fitness, while also trying to become, y'know, healthier. Most of these shows are obsessed with one single metric: the number of pounds you weigh? But we're not gonna use weight as a metric at all. I know its helpful to some people, but its not particularly helpful to me. Instead, we're gonna focus on functional fitness; y'know, getting your body to do the stuff you want it to do. And we're gonna work with a nutritionist and trainer and a couple doctors to learn why its so hard for people to make lasting changes in their lives? And also, what actually works when it comes to physical and mental health? Because I don't think you can really draw a bright line between those two. So yeah, we're gonna exercise, we're gonna eat well, and even if I don't like it, we're apparently gonna meditate. So if you wanna follow our journey, or join us on it, you can hit the subscribe button now. Thanks for watching. I will see you in January.