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We're halfway through 100 Days! Here's 50 days of cheering each other on, that's what she said jokes, obscure references, and seamlessly integrated self promotion.

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Follow along:

J: Really beautiful. Wow!

C: [singing] I can show you the world...

J: We don't have clearance for those rights.

C: [singing] Shining shimmering splendor...

J: Yeah, we can't play that song...

[100 Day Intro]

J: Sorry. Got a lot of power, sometimes I don't know my own strength!

C: Hey, where'd you get that shirt?

J: I got it from DFTBA, your number one source for - dang I went backwards! Internet t-shirts.

C: I feel like a dad teaching his son how to tie a tie. There you go, son, just through like that...and then, now, like that. Don't you look handsome. Little boy's becoming a man.

J: That's good.

J: I like your shirt, where'd you get it?


J: Oh, I hear that's the best place to get shirts!

C: Come on, bring it John! Bring it! Bring it! Bring it!

C: C'mon John get it!

C: That's just an athletic move right there.

C: C'mon John!

C: C'mon John!

C: C'mon John, c'mon John!

C: C'mon John.

C: C'mon John, get it John!

C: Push it John, hard! C'mon!

J: You guys better have gotten that, cause that's as good as it's gonna get, and I saw the camera was moving. Did you not get that?

C: That was John's money shot right there.

J: Dang it! That was my shot. That was the one time I was gonna do something good.

C: No, we're just gettin warmed up.

J: Is there anything more annoying than that shot? You're like, oh, thanks, god, I feel really really sick to my stomach, and really out of breath, is there any way you could get that camera right in my face?

J: Okay, this is an act of... oh boy, this Sheridan's favorite shot.

J: Sheridan's waiting for that shot where I miss it, but I'm not gonna miss it.

J: Let me know when you're ready Sheridan, cause I'm just gonna look graceful as an eagle in flight in a second here.

C: Wah! 

J: Stop doing close ups on me expecting me to puke, it's not gonna happen.

J: I got it, I can do this. I'm gonna beat you up, I'm gonna beat you up Octek UFC.

C: That's a nice solid hold right there. Just feels like home.

J: I'm in my throne position. 

J: F*ckin beeps all day long for no f*cking reason. Turned off all the f*cking alerts.

C: This is a family show John.

C: Oh son of a b*tch.

C: My *ss is so f*cking sore by the way Laura.

J: Yeah, mine too. 

J: F*ck off Chris.

?: Do you guys want to be each other's partner, or somebody else's?

C: No, we should be someone else's.

J: We'll be someone else's partner, we see each other every f*cking day for this stuff.

C: It annoys the sh*t out of me that they won't put pickles on sandwiches there though. It's so pretentious and arrogant.

J: What the f*ck just happened? 

J: F*ck that was hard. 

C: Not only shirts John...

J: Oh, really?

C: Mugs, stickers...

J: Wow!

C: Of all your favorite YouTube personalities... Rhett and Link, WheezyWaiter, the vlogbrothers...

J: Sure!

Laura: One more thing with the ball.

C: That's what she said...

Laura: Or now two more. Two more things. 

J: [laughs]

C: I've been wanting to say that for the last twenty minutes.

J: It gets hard up there, I'm not gonna lie to you.

C: That's what she said.

J: That's alright, we got 75 balls.

C: That's what she said.

J: This is always so hard when you're so nervous. Okay...

?: That's, that's what she said. 

C: That is what she said. 

J: Huh?

C: John you just missed a good that's what she said.

J: [laughs] That is a very good that's what she said. Now it has to go in the show because there's been a second good that's what she said, Zulaiha's saying probably not. 

J: I went on a middle school roller skating date with Whitney **, and of course it went so poorly. Um - 

C: Now is your redemption.

J: No, I gotta feeling that it's gonna be the exact same actually. But like on a much larger scale.

J: This is really kind of just like middle school. Uh, complete with me feeling extremely - 

?: About a meter apart...

J: Yeah, yeah, it's good, it's good. So at the end of this if you could just tell me that unfortunately you're really into Chris Kest that would be perfect.

Laura: So you're gonna do ? cross kicks.

C: K. Is it gonna make me jump, jump?

Laura: [laughs]

C: Did you get that joke?

J: That's a f*cking obscure reference.

Laura: Face off here. 5...

C: I want to be John Travolta, you can be Nic Cage.
L: 4...

J: Face Off?

C: Yeah.

Laura: Two. Oh yeah!

J: Is that a Face Off joke? Pretty f*cking obscure.

C: I'm like Frank Underwood. 

C: Ah schnippitipiti dow dow

J: Is that your Missy Elliot?

C: Uh huh.

J: Great, I didn't even know, suddenly I didn't know if I was working out with Missy Elliot or with you.

C: Snipitipiti now now.

C: [singing] Crazy for you...

J: Ah, oh boy, oh boy. We don't have the rights to that music. How do I do this?

J: I got the headband at, your local neighborhood e-tailer featuring all of your U.S. Quidditch merch needs.

J: Shut up!

J: Oh, shush!

J: Oh, shush!

J: Shut up!

J: Oh, shut up.

J: Shut up!

J: Shut up! Ah! 

J: K, I'm gonna go down a somewhat different way, called this way. I don't know if I, I don't know if I, if I came up with that, but I'm pleased with it. 

Laura: Do you like the boxing?

J: Yeah, it's super fun.

Laura: It's like kinda like a game.

J: Yeah.

Laura: Like not like 'oh curl this weight 10 times.'

J: You know what it reminds me of, a little bit? Wii boxing.

J: Oh, that was hard!

C: What are we, what would you like me to do with the gloves?

Suzana: So - 

J: I mean, put them in some bleach if I can give you some advice.

Suzana: [laughs]

J: Ah! God! Huh. Huh. It's like the Hulk back there. 

?: And then when you guys, like, you'll -  

J: Great, my life depends upon a knot.

?: It's a really strong knot.


[credits screen]