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Chrysanthemum Tran (she/they) reads Rachel McKibbens's poem, "una oración" (bruja's soliloquy).

Chrysanthemum Tran:

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Hi, my name is Chrysanthemum Tran, The poem I chose to share with you today is Rachel McKibbens's "Una Oración" (Bruja's Soliloquy) The first time I saw and got to witness Rachel read this poem on stage was about six or seven years ago when she featured at the Providence Poetry Slam.

I'd never seen someone animate a poem on stage and bring it to life in a different way on page as well. It really showed me that there are different ways that we can talk about being a survivor while also knowing that it can be generative and also bring things back to life.

I'd like to give a content warning for this poem, which contains references to sexual violence.