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In which Craig give you his thoughts on pickles.

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CC Kids:
Craig: Hi, I'm - Oh, dear!

Are we rolling?

Stan Muller: Yeah we are!

Craig: OK, what are we doing?

Legal purists will quibble with you - Will quibble with you. Quibble. I like that word. Quibble.

Judicial review is a form of appellate activity. Hi, I'm Craig.

How do you say words, guys? How do you say them?

Stan: As they're written. Just as they're written.

Craig: As they're written? OK, thanks Stan.

The first one was the Identity clause, and then- and then it became- and then it was the Ultimatum clause. It's the Bourne trilogy, you know what I'm talking about.

...Went to the Supreme Court for a writ of man- mandamus. Mandamus? Maaandamus. Mandaimus. Mandamus. Get 'em an old writ of mandamus.

And thus, an anti-democratic usurpation of the legislation- legislature's power! Ugh! So close.

It's not stopping! Sorry, I got angry there.

That the future chorus would throw out convictions of defendants who hadn't been written their rights. (deep breath) Congress, we're gonna make it through this.

We've probably raised as many questions as with- as wiz wooz wa. Diz a baz wo. Wheezy Waiter.

...Overturn the judgement of the elected refludapough. Good enough. Lets move on.

Truck? Truckin'. Keep ooon truckin'.

I'm gonna wait for that giant tank that's driving past to... pass us.

Was that a flying car? That sounded like a flying car.

I-I haven't been to a lot of parties, I can't think of... I'm never invited to parties. So I can't think of anymore parties.

Be nice to POTUS if you wanna be SCOTUS. You know what I'm saying?

Ah, hair. I wish I had that.

Government has over stepped - ober - ober--

Ok, we can all agree that pickles in some cases, are great. But not-

Stan: Pickles in some cases are acceptable.

Craig: Ok. I think some cases are great.

Gathered from warantless searcheses. 'Searcheses'. What is happening?

First of all, the justiceses engaged in some- I said 'justiceses'.

Stan: Yeah, 'justiceses'.

Craig: Supreme court justiceses.

It's probably better than having what legal scowelers like to call a bright- I can't even talk anymore.

Don't hire a robot, Stan.

Let's now exercise a right to three...

It's given what is called preferred pre-- Pah! Poo. Pleh!

Constitution guarantees a free spree-

Public universities that try to punish hate speef. Speef. They used to call me 'hates beef' in college in my- during, when I was a vegetarian in college.

(Stan laughs off-screen)

The liberty of the press is indeed, essential govna'

Question of National security. National-national-(mumbling)

...Supported are primarily proceduralal... Procedural. Percerr.

Stan: Procedural.

Craig: ...courts have supported are primarily procedural.

Stan: Procedural.. Percedural.

...And the protections courts have supported are primarily procedural! Ok?

(Craig burps) 'Scuse me. Glad we were recording for that bit.

So today we're gonna talk about Vanilla Ice's poor choices; robbing a house while in the middle of shooting his reality show.

(woman laughing off-screen)
Are we recording?

Stan: Yes

Craig: Okay, good.

Hm. Bleh. Pur blau.

The old specif sixth they call it. Rolls off the tongue.

I'm falling apart guys, I'm falling apart.

Because of such indivi- it, it would- Stop scrolling!

How do you say the word probably? How does anyone say that word?

Stan: It's a little slurry.

Craig: Yeah, I was drunk. I sobered up, though.

That have led to discrimination cli- blideladaradalo. Still drunk. all employees. I was a little bit drunk on that one.

Stan: Yeah.

Craig: But, you should allow me to be drunk. 'Cause this supposed to be a friendly- this is a pretty friendly environment. Than I should be able to be drunk.

Stan: Clean it up, rummy.

Craig: OK

Dang it. I wanted to punch the eagle at the end of this, but I realize it's probably not in the shot. Is it?

Stan: No, but I can make it.

Craig: Yeah!

Stan: He's looking pretty rough, I think his paint's getting chipped off his head.

Craig: Wonder why.

Will there be another outtakes reel?

Stan: Oh, definitely.

Craig: OK, good. Then I will continue... being dumb.