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In which John talks about the second half of the Capital One Cup game. The Swoodilypoopers play in overtime against Wolverhampton.

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Hello, and welcome hankgames without Hank, where, in a stunning turn of events, it turns out that we were in the Capital One Cup, playing the Wolverhampton Wanderers [sic], and if the game is tied after 90 minutes, you continue to play it. So welcome back to the same game that you were watching the last time you saw the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers! You thought we drew 1–1, but in fact, the result of the game was still to be determined! So, let's try to win now. Because I hate penalties.

We're in the second round of the Capital One Cup, you'll remember we needed - oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh GET IT, GET- oh, how could you be so slow to get to the ball, Merrick Maric! Um, I'm not going to talk about trademarks or copyright or anything; I'm going to talk about winning. We've got to win this game, this is - for this is Swindon pride right here! Come on! There we go! No!

That was a foul. I got fouled! Yeah, I did, I got fouled outside of the box - I got fouled in of the box! If only that had been the other box, we'd be sitting pretty right now. Hmm, Lovegood Bedwell kicked that a little too hard. He's a man of passions! Come on. There we go! No! I thought that was perfect! I thought I'd done everything just right!

Okay, we've got to find a way to win, guys. This is, this is, this is where - really where a team is made. Or broken. I think I'm out of substitutions too, so I'm going to have to count on Lovegood Bedwell, whose skill level is 43, to win a penalty shoot out, which is not good. That's not a promising - nothing personal, that kid's only 18.

Oh, OHHHHH!!!! Wowzers! Okay, we're going to have to get a goal in the second half; I'm going to go ultra-attacking. We're going into the second half of extra time now. Okay, oh gosh. I can't believe I didn't even notice it was the Capital One Cup and that there's no such thing as a tie, but we've got the County Ground behind us! Wolves are wearing weird shirts.

We can do this. We can do this! Bedwell's a little nervous - I'm just going to double check that I've used up all my substitutions. Because I wouldn't mind putting Green Eggs and Foderingham into the game. But I think I used all my - I think I brought in Merrick Maric as my third - I did.

All right, well, Lovegood Bedwell has a chance to be a Swindon hero. Today, he has a chance. He's a kid with a dream. Oh, look at Merrick Maric, that guy is made of Swindon red. Oh, come on. Get out there, Ginger McShane. Get out and make the - make the tackle, no! Oh, Lovegood Bedwell! He needed a better - OH! LOVEGOOD BEDWELL! Oh, you just got loved good and bedded well, sir!

Come on, come on. Show your keeper how much you love him. Show your keeper what a hero he is to you. By going down there and getting a goal. Who will score it? He Who Shall Be Named! He Who Shall Not Be Named passes to Mionel Ritchie. Mionel Ritchie, the voice of a generation! To Other John Green! Other John Green passes to Leroy Williamson, who does - oh!!!!

Come on, this is totally winnable! Yeah, you gotta get back! No! Come on! We've got to get back on defense; we have four minutes. It's perfect. It's all we need. Look who it is! it's Merrick Maric! It's Merrick Maric, to Leroy Williamson! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! [SWI - #7 L. Williamson 119']

[sings] Leroy Williamson scores occasionally! Leroy Williamson scores occasionally! Also true in his personal life! Leroy Williamson scores occasionally! Leroy Williamson scores occasionally! He doesn't always score...

YES! Alright, we've got to stop them for one minute. Lovegood Bedwell saved the game with that beautiful save - what did I do wrong? All I was doing was nice - oh, we did it, we won the game! Oh! Heroes! Heroes! Swindon heroes! [claps] Oh! Let's go to the third round of the Capital One Cup.

I know this was an abbreviated version of Sports With John, but I mean, could the - could it have been any more exciting? Oh, smell your pits in shame! I didn't know that they do that in FIFA 13. Hmm. Shame.

Best wishes!

[vs. Wolverhampton: W 2–1 OT

SWI: Other John Green 74', Leroy Williamson 119'

WOL: S. Ebanks-Blake 64']