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In which John learns that Ashton Kutcher is following him on Twitter, that Peter Yarrow is really nice, and that marriages can begin inside of elephants--all in one weekend.


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Good morning, Hank.

It's Sunday. I've had a little bit of a surreal weekend. First, I did an event where Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary opened for me.

Then I found out that Ashton Kutcher was following me on Twitter. And then I saw my friend Mary Fran get married inside an elephant. So, okay, Hank, in order to process all the surreality, we have to split it up into three parts.

First, Ashton Kutcher. So Ashton Kutcher and CNN were in a race to be the first Twitter account with one million followers, and Ashton promised that if he won, he would buy $100,000 worth of bed nets to help prevent malaria. And then he did win, and he did give $100,000 to buy bed nets, and then I said to the nerdfighters who follow me on Twitter as a joke that if they got Ashton Kutcher to follow me, I would give $1,000 to malaria.

I mean, actually, not to malaria. Like, "Oh, hey, Malaria. You are a terrible disease.

You are the scourge of our species. Here's $1,000." Yeah, no, I promised I'd give $1,000 against malaria, which I figured was a safe bet because Ashton Kutcher doesn't want to follow me on Twitter. But once again, I underestimated the power of Nerdfighteria, and, indeed, Ashton Kutcher is following me on Twitter, so I gave $1,000 to buy bed nets.

The second thing: folk legend Peter Yarrow's opening for me at the Philadelphia book festival, also true. Well, actually, he wasn't really opening for me. I mean, if he was opening for me, that means that I was opening for a children's band called Trout Fishing in America.

Sadly, I don't have any moving picture evidence of this, Hank, because I forgot to bring my video camera to Philadelphia, but I did have the high-resolution pictograph machine known as my phone, so here you can see an excellent photograph of Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary singing, Puff, the Magic Dragon. My god, Hank, the quality! It reminds me of a vlogbrothers video in March of 2007.

And then straight from the Philadelphia book festival, i drove to Atlantic City, New Jersey, where my friend, Mary Fran, really got married inside of an elephant. Nerdfighters, if you are considering having a wedding, let me give you two small pieces of advice. First, make sure you designate a specific wedding guest to bring you stuff you need throughout the evening.

Hank, as you no doubt remember, The Yeti and I's wedding was a magical day of awesome in which she and I both almost died of dehydration because people kept stopping us to congratulate us while we were desperately trying to get water. And then my second piece of advice would be that if it is at all possible, get married inside of an elephant. So, yeah, Nerdfighters, if you want Hank and I to come to your wedding, put it in an elephant.

Hank, you might have noticed that this Sunday video does't contain a lot of what would technically be called news, but that's because I'm going to do two special evil baby orphanage-related news videos this weekend. Also, you might have noticed that I never ate the 317 Peeps that I promised to eat. That's because after a series of visits to the doctor, it turns out that I can't eat even one Peep without further testing.

But, Nerdfighters, I want to make it up to you by doing 317 of something, so leave me suggestions in comments for things that I could do 317 times in a single day that would make you laugh. Hank, as these homemade argyle socks a Nerdfighter made me remind us, don't forget to be awesome!