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Welcome to my first day at Pemberley Digital. And it is interesting.

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Lizzie: Hi everyone. Well, here I am at the International Headquarters for Pemberley Digital . . . which is William Darcy's company. Yeah, Charlotte and all of the internet filled me in on that little factoid about five seconds after my last video ended.

And yes, I tried to get out of this being one of the companies that I shadow, but Dr. Gardner said that due to the compressed time frame for my independent study, I would have to make up those credits next semester, so . . . either I risk awkwardly running into Darcy, or I don't graduate on time. But, regardless of how tough a choice that actually was, my name is Lizzie Bennet and welcome to Pemberley . . . Digital.

[intro plays]

Lizzie: I can't be wrong for wanting to avoid him, right? It would just be too weird. Especially under these circumstances. Luckily, his Twitter account assures me that he is in Los Angeles with no intentions of coming back up here anytime soon.

That's right, I Twitter-stalked him, don't you judge me! And I think it's a good thing he's not here because it would be really hard to admit in front of him that this place is incredible.

The state-of-the-art facilities, the in-house creative departments, the landscaping! Seriously, you wouldn't think of a corporate building in a major metropolitan area as having grounds, but they have done some amazing things with the topiary around the rooftop pool.

It's all so much more than I expected. 

Gigi: Hi! I just wanted to check back in with you, you know, make sure you're getting all settled. I see you're filming already.

Lizzie: Uhh, yes, I hope that's okay. These videos are a part of my thesis project. 

Gigi: Oh, I know! The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are very popular around here. 

Lizzie: You [awkward laugh], you all know about my videos? 

Gigi: Before we approved your shadowing here at Pemberley Digital, we researched you thoroughly. 

Lizzie: So . . . you know about my relationship with your CEO, William Darcy . . .

Gigi: Or you're lack of one. Seriously though, don't worry about it.

[Gigi's cell phone buzzes] Okay, apparently you're not supposed to have abandoned a school group in the cafeteria. I'm still getting used to this whole tour guide thing, but I will be right back with your access passes and your parking permit. 

Lizzie: Oh, I didn't bring my car. 

Gigi: Smart, though the hills in this city are pretty unforgiving. No car is one less thing to worry about. 

Lizzie: And have I mentioned the people here? How they're all so nice and happy and creatively fulfilled? The in-house masseuse, the complimentary laundry services . . . they have gourmet food and beverage services 24 hours a day. It's like I walked into a mythical place that only exists in stories. The grad-school equivalent of Brigadoon! But I don't think the natives of Brigadoon would take too well to having their CEO called a robot for all of the internet to see. Unless they don't like him? Darcy not liked by his staff . . . 

Gigi: Hi again! Sorry about that. So here is your access badge and in here is a form clearing it with Legal to let you film your videos here. 

Lizzie: Uh, thank you. About that, actually, you were saying something before you left to go deal with kids . . .

Gigi: Oh, yeah! Like I said, I'm not usually a tour guide, I just volunteered for today. Normally, I am a graphic artist part-time. I, uh, actually designed your badge.

Lizzie: Well, that's-that's not . . . oh, although, that's actually really cool. Um, uh, about people being fine with my videos.

Gigi: Like I said, don't worry about it. 

Lizzie: But, I-I'm a worrier. That's my nature, so, um, uh, how many people here watch them?

Gigi: Um, most of us. Okay, at-at least some of us. It might actually just be me, but I think they're really great and hilarious. 

Lizzie: Hilarious?

Gigi: Yeah, well I mean, the way you portray William--sorry, Darcy that is, it's, in your videos, it-it's just a completely different person than the one I--we, here, know. 

Lizzie: So, Darcy's well-liked then?

Gigi: [cell phone buzzes] Of course. Man, what are you supposed to do with kids if not let them swim in the rooftop pool? Sorry, just give me one second.

Lizzie: Oh, okay. So that's a relief that only one person here has seen my videos and she seems nice and normal and doesn't hate me for the things I say about Darcy on them. 

And it does make a lot more sense that Darcy is actually liked at Pemberley. Especially considering that everyone smiles when his name is mentioned, and not even in a creepy Stepford Wives kind of way. 

Gigi: Sorry! I'm back. I got you a parking pass. Just in case, you never know when you might have a visitor.

Lizzie: Well, thank you. You really don't have to go through all this trouble, especially if you have to wrangle kids. 

Gigi: No! It's no problem, I just want make sure you're comfortable and have everything you need. 

Lizzie: Well, I definitely am and do.

Gigi: So, did I do a decent job as your tour guide?

Lizzie: Yeah you were great. Are you looking to do this more often? 

Gigi: Oh, not really. Especially after the class of canonballers going on upstairs. 

Lizzie: Back to graphic designing?

Gigi: Yeah. I really like my desk. And speaking of my desk, I should probably get back to it. You're really cool, Lizzie Bennet. See you around?

Lizzie: I look forward to it. Sorry, I don't think I actually caught your name. 

Gigi: Oh, um, it's Georgiana, but most people call me Gigi. 

Lizzie: Gigi . . . as in, Gigi Darcy?

Gigi: The one and only. Hey, let me know if you need anything else. 

Lizzie: Okay! Bye . . . Gigi. Otherwise known as Darcy's sister . . . who watches my videos. Why do I feel like I am in major trouble right now? 

[outro plays]