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Another weekend at the office. I had a visitor and it weirded everyone out.

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Lizzie: I…uh…hmm. [Laughs] How do I start this? You know, normally I just talk and these videos sort of come together into something kind of coherent. This one? Maybe not so much. Because just as this is starting out a strange, incoherent mess, I just had my own strange and incoherent conversation.

My name is Lizzie Bennet, and Darcy just weirded me out.

[Intro music]



Lizzie: So, anyway…

Charlotte: Hey, was that Darcy I saw pull out of the parking garage?

Lizzie: Yeah, he was just here.

Charlotte: Uh… and what did he say?

Lizzie: I’m not sure actually.

Charlotte: Did he say why he was here on a Sunday?

Lizzie: I assume business… stuff?

Charlotte: On a Sunday? He knew Ricky and I had a business brunch today.

Lizzie: Really? He seemed surprised to find me here alone.

Ricky: Oh, Ms. Lu, a word.

Charlotte: Oh, um, the final edits of the illumination regulator tutorial video are in your inbox.

Ricky: Oh, delightful. I've just been informed that Mr. Darcy made a surprise appearance at our offices. Do you think he was trying to catch us off-guard before he submits his operational report?

Charlotte: But we were prepared for him, were we not, Mr. Collins?

Ricky: I believe so, Ms. Lu, I believe so.

Charlotte: Why don't you take a look at those edits so that we can be more prepared when he returns?

Ricky: Always so calculating, Ms. Lu. You are the perfect partner in this --

Charlotte: -- Uh, Mr. Collins. [Taps wrist impatiently]

Ricky: Oh! Yes, of course. Ms. Bennet.

Lizzie: Well played, Ms. Lu.

Charlotte: OK, but I really need to know what he said while he was here.

Lizzie: Why? Since when are you so nosy about Darcy?

Charlotte: No, it's just there's an operational report coming up in a week and if he doesn't like what he sees...

Lizzie: Oh, right! Sorry. No, um...he didn't talk about you or Collins & Collins.

Charlotte: Oh, good...then what did he talk about?

Lizzie: Personal stuff? [Grabs Darcy hat]

Charlotte: Really?

Lizzie: Yeah!

 (1:56) [Costume Theater]

Lizzie playing Lizzie: So...Darcy. You, Bing and Caroline all left the neighborhood in such a hurry last month.

Charlotte playing Darcy: ... 

Charlotte: You-- you didn't give me a line there.

Lizzie: That's because he didn't say anything.

Lizzie playing Lizzie: So... uh, how are Bing and Caroline?

Charlotte playing Darcy: They're well.

Lizzie playing Lizzie: Do you think Bing might return to the neighborhood?

Charlotte playing Darcy: Bing no longer consorts with rabble like you.

Charlotte: He did not say that!

Lizzie: Well, he said Bing was making new friends in Los Angeles. But don't listen to him, Jane! Darcy's not the boss of him.

Charlotte playing Darcy: Your friend Charlotte seems to have settled in well here at Collins & Collins.

Lizzie playing Lizzie: Yes she has. I thought it was a bad idea at first, but I was wrong. She's making it work and I am really proud of her.

Charlotte: Aw, Lizzie.


Charlotte: That was sweet. But really, was that it?

Lizzie: Yeah, other than some long, awkward pauses... (sighs) That's weird right?

Charlotte: Yeah! He knows that Ricky and I aren't going to be here and comes to chat with you.

Lizzie: Well, it was like five minutes! He was probably just looking for an air-conditioned place to drink his probiotic hemp latte.

Charlotte: But you said he was awkward. Maybe he was...nervous.

Lizzie: Yeah, he kinda was. [Snicker] Maybe I'm starting to get to him.

Charlotte: Um, yeah, let's go with that.

Lizzie: Lizzie Bennet: Making men uncomfortable since 1988! -- I bet that's on Lydia's list.

[Outro music]