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Follow me on my road to getting one million LinkedIn followers! I have 7 million followers on TikTok and 10 million on YouTube but only 3000 on LinkedIn. So it's time! It's time to make it happen!

I'm gonna post one post on LinkedIn every day until I get to a million followers. Here's my first one:

"Did you know that elephants don't have balls? That's right... the largest land animal on earth, but no balls! That doesn't mean they don't have big testicles, though. They do! An individual elephant's testicle could easily weigh more than your head, but, very unusually for land mammals, elephants have internal testicles. 

The business lesson here is... you don't have to be showy have a huge impact. Many of the people I know who deliver the most value never shove it in other people's faces?? I guess???

Am I good at LinkedIn yet?"