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Charlotte and I head home for Thanksgiving!

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Lizzie: Hey everybody! This is gonna have to be a quickie episode because Charlotte and I are about to hit the road for home! But before we leave, I wanted to wish you all a "Happy Thanksgiving"! at least those of you in the United States. If you're in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I'm about a month late. Sorry! [in Canadian accent] Sorry?

But if you are celebrating today, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you're not, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. 

This has been a really . . . interesting year, but one of the bright spots has definitely been making these videos and getting to know all of you, so . . . 

My name is Lizzie Bennet and I just wanna say "Thanks"!

[intro plays]

Lizzie: So yeah, thanks for watching, for commenting, for being so supportive of me and my sisters and Charlotte.

Charlotte: Lizzie?

Lizzie: Hey! Just give me two minutes, I'll finish this up and I can meet you at the car.

Charlotte: Yeah, um, about that . . .

Lizzie: What? No, not Game of Gourds again!

Charlotte: Ms. de Bourgh just watched the new trailer and she wants to change the tag line.

Lizzie: She didn't like "Winter squash is coming"?

Charlotte: She wants to go with "You win or you're gourd."

Lizzie: But you already have "gourd" in the title. You have to change it on everything?

Charlotte: Yeah, I'm gonna be stuck here.

Lizzie: Collins!!!

What if I helped you out? I bet if we split the work, we could still make it home. 

Charlotte: You don't have to do that. 

Lizzie: Traffic will be better later anyway. 

Charlotte: It would help . . .

Lizzie: Great! To be continued . . .

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of teamwork. Ready to hit the road?

Charlotte: Ready!

[cell phone buzzes]

Lizzie: Ignore it!

These little "emergencies" have been cropping up for the last three days and somehow Charlotte is always the only one who can handle them. I blame you. If you can't trust the Internet with your implied plans to sneak out of the office with your best friend so she can spend the holidays in the loving bosom of her family, then who can you trust?! I mean, honestly---what is it now?

Charlotte: You should hit the road without me. Mr. Collins thinks we can do better on the tag line. 

Lizzie: Can't you do better on the tag line from the car?

Charlotte: It's not worth going home if I'm going to spend the whole holiday chained to the computer.

Lizzie: But you haven't had time off in months, you've worked weekends!

Charlotte: I know, but "You win or you're gourd"? We can do better than that. Besides, he's the boss.

Lizzie: Still.

Charlotte: Just, give my best to everyone at home, please? And thanks for all your help today. I really appreciate it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Lizzie: No, this is not happening! It's time to bring in the big guns.

Hey Lydia! Do Mom and Dad still have that video of my second grade play? Yeah, the one about healthy eating when Ricky Collins played the Wizard of Floss? Here's what you need to do---Fine, I'll plug your videos more, but only if you send me that link right away! Yes, I promise! Bye!

Oh, don't judge me! Blackmail may be an ugly thing, but so is making your business partner miss Thanksgiving. And they're never going to top "Winter squash is coming." So, by the time you're seeing this, Charlotte and I will either be home for the holidays, or you'll have a very special extra treat at the end of this video. Which will it be? Well, that's up to Mr. Collins. He is, after all, the boss, and we should know what he's decided in 3... 2...

Charlotte: Oh good, you're still here! Ricky just called. He says we should go back to the original tag line and if Ms. de Bourgh has any more notes, he'll deal with her personally. 

Lizzie: That's great! So you're done?

Charlotte: Just give me five minutes to get my stuff together.

Lizzie: Meet you at the car!

Love you, bestie! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

[outro plays]