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Jessi takes Seraphina the red fox for a walk in the snow attempting to capture a fox's point of view with a gopro.

Apologies for the poor sound and video quality

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Hey, guys, welcome to Animal Wonders!

Today, we're going to try something a little bit different. This is a little unusual for our channel, but it's going to be just me and you! Keebler got sick, but I still am going to try and give you a video. And I would love to take Seraphina, our red fox, for a walk. (0:16)

What I'm hoping happens is that we can get a fox's point of view, Seraphina's point of view, and, um, just experience it that way. So what I'd like to do is hang a GoPro from her collar, and so as she's running along the snow, we can see exactly what she's doing, the terrain she's going over. (0:33)

So, we'll see how that goes! I would love it if she enjoyed it and if we enjoyed it as well. (0:38)

Alright, here we go, let's try it out! (0:40)

Alright, we're filming. Here we go, Seraphina, let's go on a walk!

Alright, so, that was pretty quick. It didn't work exactly how it would work... I was hoping the GoPro would be a little bit more stabilized and it wasn't, it kinda swung around as she hopped and jumped around over the snow clumps and hills and around trees... It just wobbled around too much and she eventually said, You know, that's not working for me, if you don't take it off me I'm just gonna try and eat it. (1:15)

So luckily the GoPro survived and Seraphina was fine right after we took it off.

So I would still like to take her for a walk cuz she loves them. So, let's go for a walk!

We are on a fox walk! And it's gonna be crazy!

Camera! Oh, I just fell. Aaah!

And she doesn't care. (1:42)

Look at you walking around on top of that snow.

Right on top of it. You're so light.

We tried going on a walk through the forest, and the snow is two and a half feet deep, and I couldn't keep up with her. Cuz I broke through and she can walk right on top! (2:16)

Oh, there she goes, she just slipped a little! Now I don't feel so bad for slipping.

What do you see? Are you gonna get her? Gonna go get her?

That's Emily, our intern. (2:37)

Seraphina thinks that she can get her. Or maybe she's going after the cats. (2:43)

Ooh, claiming the tree! Yesterday we had three coyotes past that fence over there. Wonder if Sera can smell any of them?

But now I think she's just smelling the pee that she peed on her own leash.

Alright, we're back! We made it! That was a lot of fun. (3:25)

I really enjoy being able to give the animals things that they enjoy. Seraphina loves getting out and running around and exploring. She really likes the snow. She's really well-adapted to living in this environment, so she can run right on top of the snow.

She's really good at it, and it takes me some time to keep up with her. I wish I could run alongside her just as fast as she could and we could really get going fast. But until I become a fox... that's not gonna happen. (3:56)

Well, thank you for joining us on this adventure this week, sorry, poor sound quality, and video quality, Caitlin will be back next week and we will give you some more adventures!

If you'd like to subscribe to our channel, go ahead and do that below, or you can find me on Twitter, Tumblr ,and Facebook throughout the week, links are below, again...

Thank you guys! Have a great week.

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