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In which Hank drives and vlogs (which you shouldn't do) and is grateful that he gets to hang out with cool people that think interesting things about online video...and also that are quite funny.

More footage from LA here:

Hannah Hart:
Felicia Day:
The Fine Brothers:
Good morning, John. I'm in Los Angeles. I gotta keep right at the fork, here. Kids, do not vlog and drive. It's not safe.

I'm on my way to see one of my very favorite YouTubers in the world, but first, John, it wouldn't be Los Angeles if I wasn't stuck in traffic. So I'm gonna do that for a little while, just to have the experience. Sometimes you get going a pretty good clip, and then there's a sea of brake lights ahead. So many cars! Who are all these people?! My town does not contain as many people as this road! To be fair, though, my dduaaaaaaaahhhh... what do you do in this situation? Ok, I guess you just go.

To be fair, though, my town does not contain a lot of people. In fact, I just thought of this statistic. During VidCon last year, the Anaheim Convention Center contained more than a tenth of my town's population. That's weird.
According to the tiny person in my phone, I have arrived at my destination to see... Hannah Hart.

[Hannah] Good morning! Hi! [kiss]

[Hannah] I can take you on a quick living room tour. Have you read this?
[Hank] Oh!
[Hannah] It's really good.

[Hannah] This is my whittling project that I do to deal with despair.

[Hank] Oh yeah, you speak Japanese, huh?
[Hannah] So dayou.
[Hank] Tell me I have beautiful eyes.
[Hannah] Anata no me wa tottemo kire.
[Hank] Thank you.

[Hannah] This is my TARDIS teapot. I love this teapot.

That's pretty much the extent of it. It's bite-size.
[Hank] Yes. It's perfect-sized for you.
[Hannah] It's true.

[Hank] And would you believe it? I'm back in the car again! What a shock! This time, going to see... Felicia Day! You're pretty short.
[Felicia] Hello!
[Hank] What's the, uh, most common annoying question people ask you?
[Felicia] What does Nathan Fillion smell like? I get that one a lot.
[Hank] What does Hank Green smell like?
[Felicia] Hmm... you know, like the... surface of a Tic-Tac?

[Hank] So yeah, no big deal, just hanging out with Felicia Day. We had a lot of good conversations, me and Felicia, and me and Hannah, and the other people that were at that lunch.

Smart people, man, working in this business. It's great to have them around.
I'm going to see the Fine Brothers right now, have dinner with them, and be in an episode or maybe more of YouTubers React!

Tell me what you think about Youtube.
[Benny] On what regard?!
[Rafi] Any video makers out there, all you need is a flashlight from the flashlight app on your iPhone to give you wonderful light no matter where you are.

[Hank] Benny and Rafi Fine, uh, the creators of MyMusic and People React to Things... Show.
[Rafi] We're the second coolest brother team.
[Hank] No, neither of us are as cool as the Gregory Brothers.
[Rafi] We're the third, they're the second, Gregory Brothers: number one.
[Hank] haha, Ok.

[singing] Back in the Chrysler again~. I'm back in the Chrysler again~. Why did I start that in a key that I can't sing in? go back to the hotel, where I'm going to edit this video, and then I'm going to go to sleep. And then I'm going to get up tomorrow and I'm going to do a very similar thing tomorrow, because that's why I'm in LA.

Most online video people live in LA. I don't like living in LA because I don't like to drive, and as you have seen today, it's mostly what you do when you live in Los Angeles.

John, I just want to say thank you for getting me involved in this crazy business in the first place. I'm so thankful that there are all these great people that I can talk to about online video and who think intelligent and interesting thoughts about it. Uh, so thanks to Hannah and Felicia and the Fine Brothers and all the other people that I chatted with today.

And John, I'll see you on Tuesday.