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Thanks everyone for liking me and John :-)
Happy birthday, John!

Remember, back when you, uh, celebrated my birthday, May 5th, last year, that you said to me that my thing, my present, from you, would be that I wouldn't have to do a birthday video for you. Now there's this thing, it's like we're like in an arms race of awesome videos, and there, i-it would-- it had to come to an end. Eventually. But I do want to guarantee you that it continues to be something of an arms race in terms of awesome presents. You are getting a pretty awesome present.

John, you have had a good year. I think that we can all agree, uh, your movie -- based on your book. The other day, um, like last weekend, Amazon was selling Fault in Our Stars for five dollars a piece so I bought four of 'em, which was the maximum I could buy. But now I have four extra copies of The Fault in Our Stars 'cause it was twenty bucks, and I couldn't, I couldn't not do it! 'Cause that is less than it costs you to buy your own author copies.

Yeah, #1 New York Times Bestseller -- it's been on the list for sixty-nine weeks. Not bad. You got a new baby; it's cute. Henry also has  become more of a real person, which is my sort of favorite part of the, of the process of being an uncle, where now we can like talk about stuff, and he's hilarious. Thanks for having a nephew for me... and a niece. 

Thanks, uh, for being such a great bro. I really hope that you enjoy your present -- I think it's gonna be pretty great. I-I wish that it had gotten there now, but it was complicated logistically to get it to you. Ummm... it's-it's large, it's lar-- like it's, it's not, it's a big, it's a large thing. I hope you have room for it.

Congrats on Liverpool winning, so that, I'm sure, made your day much better, and also, your fitness. I-I was just, uh, talking to John, uh actually, today I called, I called you as well as making this little vloggy video, and John just -- for the first time in his life -- ran five miles in less than fifty minutes, which is a level of physical fitness that I am both envious of and kind of almost don't believe. Like that's, that's ten-minute-miles five times in a row-- less than ten-minute-miles. That's not, mmn-mmm, I'm, I'm uh, I'm a, I'm a runner only when I need to, meaning like I'm being chased by something. I will run in those circumstances, or, or between gates in airports -- that's probably the majority of the running that I've done in the last few years.

You're great! Thanks! Happy Birthday. Bye.