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Hank discovers a new part of the internet, and they shrekbearded him. Orin's butt goes viral, Hank poops the Webb Space Telescope's journey, and we talk about, and we get surprisingly serious about a zoo for weird deer.

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Katherine: [Singing] Dancing in September da-de-da

Hank: What're you talking about?

K: Was it like this?

H: What, was what like this?

K: [Singing] Never was a cloudy day

K: You didn't hear about that? I know about something that happened on twitter that you, that you don't know about?

H: I don't know what you're talking about. What was it? What happened on Twitter??

K: I don't, I don't think I can talk about it. I don't want-

H: You don't think you can talk about it??

K: Well I don't want Swifties coming after us

H: Swifties. Who are the fans of Taylor Swift.

K: Is that what they call them? I don't even know, she apparently released some sort of cover song and-

H: Did people not like it?

K: People were not having it

H: You know, I think that, that there's a certain point-

K: There was no, everyone was like "And why? Who asked for this?"

H: And this was totally fine

K: Cos it was Earth Wind and Fire cover

H: Yeah

K: Yeah did you not hear about this?

H: No

K: Wow how did you miss this

H: There’s a certain point at which you have had a great deal of success in your life and you can be like y'know I'm just gonna do cool fun things and help communities and, and not.. maybe Taylor Swift's done with being Taylor Swift.

K: [Laughs]

H: I feel that way about Justin Timberlake a little bit, I was, I'm like you did a great job being Justin Timberlake, you were right in the center of everything and you can't stay there forever

K: I mean I don't know enough about Justin Timberlake-

H: Now just go off and-

K: - but I do feel like he’s tryna like have his second

H: - be the benevolent..

K: - second moment

H: Yeah, well he already had his second, he had his third moment

K: That's true, that's true

H: -he's had so many moments

K: He's had a lot of moments

H: And now he can go, go and be a benevolent weirdo. I think that there's.. being a benevolent weirdo is way underrated and I think that Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift should continue writing music, they just shouldn't necessarily think that they're gonna be what they once were.

K: Mhmm

H: And I say that to myself as well.

K: [Laughs] As a person who is no longer what they once were.

H: I, you know, I don't hold the same place in the echelon of online content

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Katherine: Oh boy you had to search for that one for a long time

Hank: Yeah but I edited it so it didn't seem like it

K: Ok.. laughs but I totally interrupted during your

H: I edited your interruption out too

K: No you didn't

H [laughing]: yeah I did

H: Hi, I'm Hank Green and I'm famous on the internet
K: And I'm his wife Katherine, it's still happeninngg
H: Together, we're about to take a look back at the last week by reading, discussing and critiquing my tweets. Welcome to
Both: Delete This
K: Please
H: [laughs]

H: Katherine do you remember uh when we left off last week I had tweeted about wanting a brand deal with someone who would just send me clothes. But then I talked about-

K: Ugh

H: -what a great experience i had had at Dillards. But I did get reached out to-

K: [Laughs]

H: - Trunk Club at-ed me and said "we got you covered Hank, thumbs up"

K: What a weird world

H: And I said "did I just get a sponsorship or...?

K: [Laughs]

H: I don't think I did

K: No

H: They wanna send me stuff, but they dont wanna pay me to do it

K: Well no, they never do

H: I think that they pay some people-

K: Yeah

H: -I could talk about it on, on Delete This and be like "Trunk Club they sent me clothes"

K: Don't, don't give it to 'em for free babe

H: [laughs] Well I haven't, I don't know what the service is like. I did use Trunk Club for a little while

K: I was wondering if you were going to -

H: I didn't love it [laughs]

K: -disclose that or not-

H: [laughs]

K: -yeah they kept sending you expensive things you didn't like-

H: They were so, they were, it was like.. I don't live on a boat you guys!

K: [laughs] Where did you get the idea that my aesthetic was 'boat person'?

H: [laughs] Yeah this is like, there's definitely shoes for boat living-

K: [laughs]

H: -for but, like nice boats, not like, not like Uncle Ray's fishing boat but like yacht clothes -

K: Yeah like Uncle-

H: -it was too nice for me

K: Uncle Percy's-

H: Yes! Uncle Percy's boat, not Uncle Ray's boat

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but i also, ill say, got several other non-trunk club trunk-club-like companies also reached out to me-


-theyre fighting for me now, i got i got a so its a war for my bod to cover my gams 

laughs oh god cos now he's bringing gams back too


whats the other word that you were uh oh Sacagaweas- 

oh yeah Sacagaweas and gams- 

maybe you know, if theyll send you some Sacagaweas 


uh and some clothes


maybe we can talk 

i need some Sacagaweas to cover these gams

no. you want Sacagawea pants?

no! i want them to give me Sacagaweas in exchange for covering my gams with their particular clothes that were sent i dont want pants.. yes i want pants made out of dollar coins


who are we kidding??

laughing oh no dont say that dont put that in the world someone will do it 

no ones gonna do that would be extremely expensive

someone definitely made things out of metal

man if somebody wants to make me a pants out of dollar coins-

a pants

-one pant, i dont care if its one, it can be a very small pants? any size i will wear them as long as i get to keep em. i feel like they would also be very heavy 

oh yeah

in any case trunk club thank you for providing a great service for some people it didnt really work out for me 

thats a long time that we spent talking about that tweet

its true, and i will say that was a long time ago maybe trunk club has reformed. i tweeted about cameros this week katherine


i said i wont ever by a camero because im boring and practical and drive less than 100 miles a year but i am always excited to see new models come out look at these beautiful objects and this is like a highlight for me. new models of cameros only come out like once every-

right like

-two or three years-

like a full redesign?

- and every time it happens im like oo wait i wanna see and i, i dont care about cars at all

yeah the camero doesnt do it for me but the, these dodge challengers really do-


- anyway wow what the heck-

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we're talking about cars

- what the heck is happening

uh there was some disagreement about whether or not i actually drive less than 100 miles a year.. yes i drive more than 100 miles a year sorry i was exaggerating


how did people were like how is that possible and i was like "lies! through lies!-


-through the magic of not always saying exactly true things!" 

laughing (6.20) i did a lie guys!-


-it was ch-not an important one!

laughing yeah you know-

it was-

-i did a lie

-a hyperbolic lie i made a lie

we dont drive that much but we do drive more than 100 miles a year um we got some


fan art 

oh yeah, that was kinda nice

yeah, thank you to RAC_living however thats pronounced for our fan art. and the cat is actually in the fanart and also very close to katherine 

shes like


trying to stand on me

yeah shes like i dont really know how i can bother you more but if i can let me know how 

shes getting a little shes getting up some pets

yeah shes (?)

shes giving me some purs

thats good, thats good

we didnt feed her because 

cause its fun

i like her

yeah we like the attention that she gives us when she hasnt been fed

laughs we'll feed her afterwards dont worry

i also had a schedule thing on my calendar that said meet with mary-ann to fix everything 

yeah i really liked that one but im not sure that everything got fixed

i wouldnt say everything got fixed, but the thing we were trying to fix did.. is getting fixed


and it is getting fixed mostly not by me which i love

oh me too

but i do, when i saw this calendar i was like what if that was a real thing


and in 25 minutes we were really gonna fix everything that


we had to fix. and i did fix a lot of things this week i felt good about my work performance 

you had a pretty productive week in the home as well

yeah we had a great weekend

the weekend was good

we went to see goats and sheep-

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-we made a cake

you made a cake i made soup

april 10th: i feel like ive read enough headlines discussing what hte president is quote thinking about doing. tell me when he does stuff im tired of needing to be concerned about every thought that flits through his brain 


i was a little mad about the president

but you didnt at him

i didnt, this was in response to the president or a bunch of people saying that the president is thinking about firing rod rosenstein


and i was like i dont like i keep hearing what hes thinking about and i feel like he kinda thinks about a lot of things


and he says them out loud to his notoriously leaky white house and its very difficult for the press to not report on every single thing that gets leaked because thats what they feel like their job is but when the white house is this leaky


and the president is thinking about so many things it just becomes this fire hose of uselessness and so thats what that is about and i maybe shouldnt have said 'every thought that flits through his brain' it feels a little bit too combative

and dismissive

and dismissive


of the most powerful man in world

fake gagging noises

yeah i dont know and it seems to me like it feeds into the narrative of the press hates the president because theyre constantly saying things that end up to not be important 


because in a normal whitehouse it would be the president wouldnt be talking about firing rod rosenstein unless he was going to uh but in this whitehouse he seems to have whatever opinion came- 

he just says yeah

-came by him most recently

yeah he just says whatever its not normal, nothing about this situation is normal or reasonable so heyy

wheezywaiter said we should be talking about what im thinking instead cos my thoughts are awesome, for instance i just thought about how feasible it would be-

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-for someone to make money if they gathered up all the dog poop that owners leave in my neighbourhood and sell it for fertilizer or something

laughing oh boy they could start a good business here in missoula cleaning up dog poop in public places

or just our driveway come on its our driveway! the park by the playground with the children!-


- the baby children playing 

i know just like huge turds

huge like a like a meter long 

yeah like a foot from the from the sand box

right where the kids fall over they cant control themselves theyre made of wiggle noodles

laughs they are they are wiggle noodles

they are

fully wiggle noodles

fully wiggly

thats a different situation from the president to dog poop... well maybe not that far away afterall 

oh goodness me

laughs im more afraid of the swiftians than

the magites what do they call em?


still april 10th: thinking about doing an old tweets segment on delete this pod but i have no idea how to find my old tweets. some people gave some updates on how to and i totally it totally worked

i like that that idea

yeah and heres one thats from 2011: sometimes i re-realise that the way we communicate with each other and the world is being revolutionised and it is exciting


whos that guy??? 

sometimes i re-realise


well you.. hes a worse writer than you 

whats wrong with re-reealise?? I think thats a clever turn of phrase 

ohh well thats nice

laughing shes patting me


ughhh so yeah the, the situation is that 153 likes ago. nope what a weird thing to say 


so the situation is that uh in 2011 i was really excited about how internet media was gonna revolutionize things and and look as john was saying in the last episode of dear hank and john-

 (12:00) to (14:00)

-sometimes we feel like uh we think somethings gonna solve all the problems and it turns out that it won't, you wanna turn all the way back and maybe I'm going a little bit too far the other direction right now but I do not feel as optimistic about the excitement of the revolution in communication as I did 

it's hard, hard

in 2011

that's too bad


because it's one of your main person, uh



my main person points

identities, optimist

yeah. And I am an optimist and I am very curious about and excited about what the world has in store for me over the next 40 years until I'm dead. I dunno man it's changed a lot already, that's for sure. And here Katherine, is my top tweet of the week from 5 years ago.


I got my top tweet, I went back five years and found the top tweet from that week, it says: I have, two spaces, you ever dumped weeks of your life into a TV show that you didn't really like but kept watching like out of habit.

Wow. I have. 

Have you ever?

And then no question mark at the end.

Period. Top tweet of the week from 2013.

Woah, twitter was a different place back then apparently.

I just wasn't trying as hard.

What do you think Katherine? Have you? Ever dumped weeks of your life into, I don't know, particularly Lost?

Well, is that, I mean, is that what you were talking about?

I mean, maybe I was talking about Lost, I don't know if I was watching Lost five years ago but it's possible. Seems like longer ago than that.

Feels like longer ago than that.

Yeah. This person back from 2013 also says Heroes after season 1 which I agree with. Heroes was really good in the beginning and I don't know what happened.


And this person talks about Bones.

Oh Bones! Totally!

Yeah you keep watching Bones!

I totally kept watching Bones

It was so good. I liked it.

I kept watching Bones for like five seasons after it stopped being good.

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