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I'm sure that no one in the world will find this as entertaining as I do, but here we are!

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Good morning, John.

So, remember a couple of year ago when I had a baby?  Awwwww. Great.

I was really excited because I got to officially tell dad jokes as a real live dad!  And now, something amazing has happened.  And, uh, Orin, now two years old, barely, and he is now telling… jokes?! 

I have to share them.  Like, my dad jokes video had a lot of jokes in it, unfortunately Orin has not told that many jokes.  He has told four.  And so, I would like to share with you every joke my two year-old has ever told in order.

Let’s start with his very first joke, it went something like this: “Mama, dada… mamdaaah ehehehe.”

Imagine that but on a two year old, it was a little weird. 

And the weird thing is that, like, I also think that’s funny, and I feel like I think it’s funny for the same reason he does…?  Which is very weird considering that he only recently started, like, existing.  

Joke #2 went a little something like this: Blue.  Baby.  (laughs) 

So upon realizing that one word could modify another word, he's getting a grip on adjectives, he starts to apply adjectives to things that those adjectives don't apply to and he thinks that's very funny.

This was followed by others in the genre that I consider basically the same joke, so not separate jokes like "Blue moon" and also "Police bus" which is, you know, he doesn't know this, but like, blue moons do exist for us like as a metaphorical thing and police buses exist also, literally.  

Joke #3, they're coming faster now, John.  This was very recently.  He pointed to his, we put some corduroy pants on him, and he pointed to his pants and he said "Papa pants."  Papa being his grandfather, our dad, who, yes, wears lots of corduroy pants, so as far as I can tell, Orin is now making fun of our dad's fashion advice, which as far as I'm concerned, top notch.

And finally, also earlier this week, I'm looking at pictures with Orin of himself.  He's looking at pictures of himself and I say, who's that?  And he says "Baby" which is often what he says, and I say, "But which baby is it?" and he says, "Coconut".  

Which, everybody agreed, was a very good joke.

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John, I'll see you on Tuesday.