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0:59 Amber necklaces? I have a few a friends recommending these for our teething child. I keep thinking choking and strangulation hazard. Thoughts?
2:35 In The Martian, Mark Watney survives for a long time on just potatoes, water, and vitamins. Probably not a great idea, but is it possible? How long before you'd run into major medical issues?
3:33 How do you know when to have a mole checked out? Is it better to get a suspicious mole checked out sooner or can it wait?
4:19 I see quite a few questions on HTC Live starting with some sort of diet, drink, supplement, or activity, and ending with the question: is this thing better for me? AC seems to unerringly answer these questions with no, because there are no studies linking these things to positive differences in health outcomes. My problem is that I think these people don't really want to know how these things affect disease and death which are measurable health outcomes, but more difficult metrics like mood, comfort, and energy. These things are a big part of how we actually feel on a daily basis, but is there any way to actually study these things and what decisions have an impact on them? If there was, would we be less susceptible to all the products that claim to make us "feel better"? I would love to see this addressed on an HTC Live.
7:55 Does Neosporin actually speed up healing and/or reduce scarring for small wounds?
8:52 I'm learning about health care and systems in the states. I know that the creation of Medicare and Medicaid had an enormous impact on hospitalization rates in the U.S. (more old people/those in need acquired paid access), which also set the basis for reimbursement rates. These high reimbursement rates fueled the rising cost of health care in the US. Could you help me understand reimbursement rates and it's connection to health care / cost of care for hospitals? Thank you!
10:10 I contracted chicken pox at the age of three weeks consequently I have never received the vaccination... recently there was some concern that my immune system being so young hadn't created the normal immunities a child gets from chicken pox, and that there could be a risk of contraction again. Should I be concerned, I don't think so but as we say on HCT "TO THE RESEARCH!"
10:26 Is cancer hereditary? Specifically skin cancer. I understand that one may pick up on some bad habits from one's parents, such as not wearing sunblock, but is there something passed on genetically?
11:02 What is the research on saturated fat? Is it actually bad? Or are certain forms bad? At what amount would it be detrimental to health?
12:09 Brushing your teeth only once vs. twice. which is better any research?
13:25 What is the true likelihood of me giving a baby whooping cough if I am not up to date on my TDAP vaccination?
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