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Join Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of the popular YouTube channel Sexplanations in a conversation about sex with filmmaker and video producer Nick Jenkins.

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Ancora Imparo (I'm still learning)

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LD: I'm Dr. Lindsey Doe

NJ: Yeah, you are.

LD: I'm a clinical sexologist, which, today, means that I dedicate all of my professional life--some of my personal life--to learning about sexuality and sharing that knowledge with others.


LD: Welcome to the Sexplanations podcast, episode one, where we take the show, Sexplanations, and we turn it into a verbal version. We talk about what happened in previous episodes; we talk about what's happening in sex now; we have an amazing guest host.

NJ: Set the bar a little lower than amazing.

LD: Aww no!

NJ: I am a guest host.

LD: You are amazing! You are the most requested person. Who-- Who are you? Here, I'm gonna tell you who you are

NJ: No, it's a secret. 

LD: No, I love this! Today I'm joined by director, producer, videographer, editor, Nicholas Jenkins, the very first person to put me in front of a camera and say, "Let's talk about sex." Ah, we're gonna revisit the first time in my office by watching that episode on the YouTube show Sexplanations that we launched four years ago. We're gonna talk about what we've learned since, share some personal stories, and, generally, have a silly time getting smarter together.

NJ: Hopefully so.

LD: Those are my goals.

NJ: Good goals! 

LD: Do you have any you want to add?

NJ: Uh, I really want to get more of a perspective from you of what that whole beginning journey was like.

LD: Hahaha! So fun! I don't think we've ever talked about the how-we-met story.

NJ: Not really, no, and I don't-- well, but, also, just, like, the day-of, like being on set that first day, so, today, we're gonna talk about that first episode.

LD: Yeah.

NJ: That's what we're gonna talk about and you can go and watch it and we're gonna talk through some of it. But what I-- the reason that I really wanted to do this was because I know what I was thinking, what I was feeling and everything, but I've always wanted to know what Lindsey was thinking and feeling. Um, and now that Lindsey and I are good friends and we hang out all the time, it's funny 'cause we don't really talk about that too much. 

LD: No, I mean, we still talk about sex, but not necessarily--

NJ: Yeah, but not about that first episode and sort of what it was like to work with someone

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NJ: for the first time like that. I just-- I don't know. I'm fascinated to go back and think about that so that's why I'm here. 

LD: Any other information that you think our audience should have about you, in terms of what you bring to the table?

NJ: Um, just a little more background on me. I'm a film maker and I, uh, I'm a senior producer for CrashCourse, do a lot of things with Hank, um--

LD: Who the eff is Hank?

NJ: Who the eff is Hank? Hank is a very thin layer of soap accumulates upon your bathtub. 

LD: Oh, nerdfighters just got so happy.

NJ: Heh. Um and I'm the editor for Dear Hank and John podcast and, yeah, I just-- I just do different stuff on the Internet.

LD: And you play the guitar.

NJ: I do.

LD: And you're a dad to a corgi.

NJ: You scared me there for a second. You followed that up.

LD: Hahaha... you're a dad.

NJ: She's not who I thought was. Um, yeah, I have a wonderful corgi named Abby(?~3:01) who is my best friend.

LD: Aww! That's cute. Okay, so, let's see. Random fact about me comes from this friend in high school. He told me that we were playing football outside in this field and the ball accidentally hit me in the chest and I shouted, "Ah! My breast!" and one of the teachers shouted my name to kind of scold me for my language and I reprimanded back that it was indeed my breast, that I was using proper anatomical terms.

NJ: How old were you?

LD: Probably fifteen.

NJ: Okay, okay, yeah.

LD: Yeah, I-- Go, me!

NJ: Yeah, go, you!

LD: I love hearing that I was sex-positive even in my youth.

NJ: Well, also, a different attitude towards authority than I would have had. 

LD: Haha.

NJ: And good for that, good job.

LD: Five stars!

NJ: Yes. 

LD: 'Kay, next. Uh, my current curiosity and I would love to know

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L: Our guest host as well, is what kind of sex education the Obama daughters get from their parents. Do you have a current curiosity?

N: I am curious as to what makes people good at things. 

L: Aww.

N: I am. I'm having this whole thing where I'm discovering my love of playing guitar and it's amazing to me how much I've fallen off cuz I haven't played in a long time and I'm just wondering, like, what makes people good at something for a really long time. They don't have to relearn it every couple of years, but maybe it's everything, so that's my curiosity right now.

L: That's so beautiful. I like it. Endurance!  Alright, so Nick, before we talk about our sex positions-our positions, intellectually, on sexplanations the show and what's going on outside the world of the show, I want to introduce our audience to our first sponsor.

This show is brought to you by our extraordinary patrons on  The sexplanauts are like business partners, they help us make quality sex education accessible and improve sexual literacy.  I'd like to give a shoutout to those pledged at the boss level: Laura Schuster, Donna, and the Millers.

For every Testes sponsorship that we do, it comes with a test question, a multiple choice sex question. According to state policies on sex education, how many states do not require sex ed to be taught in public schools?

N: Okay, so out of 50 say, "oh, you don't have to do that."

L: Yeah, so here are the options, A: 0, B: 9, C: 17, or D: 26

N: I'm goin' D

L: You are correct! Woo!

N: Yeah. Cuz we're terrible.

L: Booo

N: Yeah we're awful, so...

L: Yeah, that's more than half of our country does not have sex education required in the public school system.

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N: Yup. We did an episode: The Sex Maps, where we broke that down and it even made you upset because you had to draw all the maps.

L: Yeah, it was rough.

N: It was

L: To see which states you don't have to have medically accurate sex education. So we're gonna provide you with sex education but it's going to tell you that condoms cause sexually transmitted infections.

N: Right. Yeah, no I remember that very clearly because it was one of those times where I became very aware of how much more effected by visual information I am. So having it on those maps it was just really, oh my god. Like, when you really play that out. We just had a thing for Crash Course, just about our overall channel.

Our friends at YouTube gave us a bunch of graph breakdowns and initially I would have said, "ugh, graphs, I don't wanna look at it, whatever." And then when I saw how the audience was breaking down in graphs and over time and everything it was like, really set in.

L: Yeah.

N: A lot of information about the channel and it's the same thing with the maps, like I started to have a deeper understanding. You start to sort of see problems appear.

I don't know how much of that is, what is it?  The ink blot tests.

L: Rorschach.

N: Rorschach tests. I don;t know how much of that is my own psychology going into it but at the same time it was startling when I saw it laid out visually.

L: Okay, so more than half the states in our country do not have to teach public sex education.

N: Right and that was one of the questions too, like is it better to have no sex ed, or bad sex ed?

L: I know, I still don't know that answer.

N: Yeah.

L: So, here we go! Nicholas Gandalf Jenkins. Sexplanations now has a podcast. This is our first episode and I have invited you to kick off the show for two reasons.

1) Because we did Sexplanations together. We know what this is like, the process of getting to know someone and decide whether or not they're a safe person to talk about sexuality with.

and 2)

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