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If you look out a window right now, you're probably going to see a tree. And that tree? Why, it's made out of wood, friend. And that's where things start to get interesting... Get ready to meet Hank's newest alter-ego: Mr. Wood. He's basically Hank, but he just can't stop talking about wood! I had to cut like 3 different, very long stories he told about wood! The man LOVES wood!Follow us on Twitter @SciShowTangents, where we’ll tweet out topics for upcoming episodes and you can ask the science couch questions! While you're at it, check out the Tangents crew on Twitter: Stefan: @itsmestefanchin Ceri: @ceriley Sam: @slamschultz Hank: @hankgreenIf you want to learn more about any of our main topics, check out these links:[Truth or Fail]Shipworms Gaming[Fact Off]Super WoodArticle: test: test: Wood[Ask the Science Couch]Splinters[Butt One More Thing]Toilet paper
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