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Actually definitely not. Luzu is a Spanish YouTuber who I met at VidCon a few years ago. He's really fun and he was in town so I wanted to make a video with him. Also, sometimes I forget that there are whole worlds of YouTube happening in other languages that I never see, and I like seeing it a bit.


You can see Luzu's stuff here: (Luzu in English)

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Hank: You want to say good morning to my brother?

Luzu: Good morning, John.

H: This is Luzu. He makes YouTube videos mostly in Spanish but also in English.

L: Yeah

H: Say something nice in Spanish.

L: ¿Qué tal estáis? Estoy aqui con Hank a punto de grabar-- bueno estamos grabando un video. En Montana, hace frío de la leche.

H: Thanks for coming.

L: So cold here

H: Did you say something about milk?

L: No. Oh "it's as cold as milk" yeah yeah yeah. It's an expression that we have. It's only in Spain like even people in Latin America ask me like, "what what are you saying about milk?" My kids are going to make fun of me. My kids are going to be so American. (Mimicking kids) "uhhh Dad, you messed that up. It's not like that, it's like this and like that.  You said something that sounds like penis really and you don't know.'" When you make videos in a certain language and you switch, it's like you lose levels in a game. You know? Like they steal your Pokemon GO levels and you're back at 1. You have to make videos that people will enjoy, and you talk like this... I don't know I don't even know how to explain.

H: Explain it in Spanish.

L: Siento como que no puedo expresarme. Ahora Hank no tiene ni idea de que estoy diciendo pero no puedo expresarme correctamente en Inglés. Puedo hablar mucho más rápido en Español de que podría jamás en Inglés, y así, no puedo hablar bien.

H: So I asked on Twitter for people to give us suggestions for things to do. I'm going to open them up now and look at what they are.

L: I'll have another sip of Mountain essence

H: Mountain Coffee *laughs* did you say "mountain essence?"

L: Yeah. *Hank laughs* It's like lumberjack.

H: Patrick wants us to stare at each other intensely. 1:10*Dramatic music*

H: That was a terrifying blink there.

L: Yeah, I know. I wanted to like- you could hear it from home. *Hank laughs*

H: Talk in Spanish.

L: ¿Qué tal Hank?

H: Bien

L: ¿Qué tal, qué has hecho hoy?

H: ¡Carpetas!

L: ¡¿Carpetas?! O, ¿has metido las ojas en las carpetas? Muy bien porque asi tienes todo organizado.

H: ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

L: La biblioteca de hecho está alli camino de Albertson's. Yeah yeah

H: You went by there?

L: Yeah *laughs*

H: You did, you went by it. NotDavid wants you to teach me Spanish.

L: Say this word by word.

H: Luzu es fantástico, suscribe a tú canal.

L: Cool, you just told everyone to go subscribe to my channel.

H: Melissa wants us to do tongue twisters. Do you know any English tongue twisters?

L: No. Not in English. I know in Spanish. So it's that one.

H: It's about sad tigers.

L: Yeah

H: *tries to do Spanish tongue twister* Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal en tres tristes trastos. En tres tristes trastos tragaban trigo tres tristes tigres.

L: ehh I mean it sounds super American

H: You do it.

L: Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal en tres tristes trastos. En tres tristes trastos tragaban trigo tres tristes tigres.

L: I slit the shit

H: Nope. No- *both laugh*

L: You don't understand how long it takes for someone from outside to learn the difference between sheet and other words. *Hank laughs*

L: I'm going to the beach-

H: and other words

L: and something else I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit, and on the slitted sheet I sit.

H: Silvana says buscando Pokemons.

L: Buscando Pokemons.

H: Patrick says make a tutorial about how to be cool like you both.

L: First of all, we have different types of cool. Like Hank is cool like in a-

H: *laughs* like not at all.

L: In an intellectual kind of cool. I'm cool in all the other ways.

H: Somebody said that we should kiss, but I'm not going to kiss you because you're sick. Did Montana do this to you?

L: Montana definitely shot the last bullet. It's so cold. I was walking-

H: It's not. It's like 36 degrees.

L: Well yeah. I saw a surfer in the river yesterday.

H: We have surfing!

L: Good pieces of ice flowing.

H: Yeah there is ice in the road- in the river

L: You guys have grizzly's here?

H: We don't, not in town.

L: Well yeah, not in the grocery store.

H: Well no, but we get black bears in town.

L: Oh yeah? Black bears eat beats.

H: Black Bears aren't- They eat beats?

L: Yeah both together: Bears, beats, Battlestar Galactica.

H: okay I got you.

L: *Gasps* Gen 2 is out

H: Gen 2 is out!

L: I'm going to see this for the first time. *Hank gasps*

H: Right here, on Vlogbrothers.

L: The moment that your girlfriend texts you with something like that It's just so sweet.

H: Well, now you really do have to go. All right, thanks Luzu.

L: You're welcome, John. ooh I said John.

L: You're welcome, John.

H: It's fine. It's just your only friend.

L: Is this lumberjack coffee?

H: Lumberjack