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This week's questions:
1:05 What is the reasoning behind a "fat tax" and do they work?
3:04 What's the deal with "pre-existing conditions" in AHCA? How concerned should citizens be?
6:00 Thoughts on the Star Wars VIII trailer? What did Luke mean by "It's time for the Jedi to end”?
7:04 Question: how can price transparency be improved?
7:57 How do I get massive gainz at the gym?
8:45 ​Is the House AHCA waiver an all-or-nothing? Like, can a state get the employer-based regs lifted without applying for a general waiver for preexisting conditions, etc
9:11 What are your thoughts on abstinence-only sex education?
10:19 Is it legal to pass a bill without a CBO report?
10:59 how difficult is it for primary care physicians to pay off their medical school loans?
11:48 ​Is there any good research on how to effectively train your body to take in fewer calories without constantly feeling hungry?
12:39 What is the best way of handling early COPD?
12:59 How can you tell the difference between complicated migraines with auras (numbness, blurry vision, etc) and something more serious?
14:00 What are your thoughts on Physician Assistants and their role in healthcare? Could you see them becoming the primary clinician in GPs/Primary Care settings?
15:10 How much data is needed to conduct more conclusive nutritional studies? Are there any emerging technologies that you think could make this data collection easier?
16:09 How important has Medicaid expansion been to public health?
17:20 Senator ON Jimmy Kimmel's show, Senator Bill Cassidy said most kids are covered by the CHIP program and a rollback of medicaid wouldn't affect them. Is that true? Or any thoughts on that interview?
20:12 Do you think a system like the Canadian health care is sustainable for a huge population like the US?
20:56 ​I have a friend w/ Alzheimer's in his family; he's terrified of it & tries to restrict his sugar as he's read sugar causes Alzheimer's - is this true, or actual causation, not correlation?
21:39 What is the best position to sleep in? is sleeping on stomach bad for health?
22:19 Are there longevity or mental benefits to fasting (eating 500 cal 1 or 2 days a week)?
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