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Oh yeah, absolutely. This is a this is a huge thing in organ donation. There's a bunch of different things when you're trying to match a donated organ to a recipient of an organ. Uh. There's like blood type and and there's you know how long they've been on the transplant list. It's a whole, there's a whole process for it matching a donor organ to a recipient. But the biggest place where this is a problem is with children. So most donated organs come from adults most people are adults, also most people who die are adults. So it's harder to get donated organs for children, and adult organs often literally just can't fit inside of a child. But this is yes, also a problem with just differently sized people. Like if you're transplanting a heart from a large man to a small woman, you know the aorta is going to be smaller in the woman, then you're gonna have to connect it to where the aorta is supposed to go on the heart. And then also, this just like literally space concerns. The biggest best way to solve this problem, is for everyone to be on the donor list so that there are more organs available for donations.