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We were just in Boston for Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria and had an IRL Q&A session. Thanks to all those who showed up!

If you'd rather listen via audio, we've got the podcast version here:

This week's questions:
0:58 What are some easy wins for healthcare in the United States?
3:00 How do you think we can better support family caregivers?
4:50 How do you present complex ideas/topics about healthcare?
7:48 What is the best possible system of healthcare?
10:16 What is the trajectory of the U.S. healthcare system, specifically for 18-26 year olds?
14:14 If the mandate and tax penalties are removed, are there any GOP healthcare proposals that could bring down premiums?
17:49 Have you read the Star Wars Ahsoka book?
18:40 What advice would you give to nurses who are just starting out and want to make some sweet sweet paper?
20:35 Could applying face makeup over a period of time lead to thyroid or other health issues?
22:45 Is there any evidence suggesting what is going on with lyme disease patients? And what should insurers do with them?
24:17 What advice do you have to someone going into the healthcare field?
26:06 How do you encourage others to be more open-minded when it comes to looking at data/research?
28:48 How do you communicate the difference between medicine and public health?
29:52 What can non-medical professionals do to improve health outcomes for society?
32:37 How can I balance taking care of patients while also doing health research or education?
35:30 What do you think is the future of assisted suicide?
38:04 What steps, policy-wise, can we take to prevent medicine from dramatic price raises?
39:25 Where do you go to find a healthy diet?
42:04 If you find something through publicly funded research it's often commercialized for a profit. Is there a better way?
43:51 What can we take away from Colorado's experiment with subsidized birth control?
45:15 Mental health is an often not well understood - what changes do you see in the field to make it less confusing?
47:04 What is the most effective way to enact change in the field of healthcare?
48:14 Is there any validity to taking vitamins to reduce anxiety?
49:10 How can clinicians and the laboratory better integrate their communication?
50:22 Is drinking Coca-Cola worse than water?
51:59 Leaving access and cost aside, what is getting worse? Where should we be focused in terms of health outcomes?
55:16 What do you think the is most hurtful part of misinformation out there about ADHD?
57:43 Advice for being a healthcare advocate for elderly parents?
58:52 What's your recommended order for the Star Wars films? And who is the last jedi?
1:00:32 Do you have any guide for how to teach your children how to read?
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