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We're back! Go to:

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(0:00) (The Google+ Livestream logo shows.)

. . .livestream, which just bonked. Sorry about the bonking! Um, but we're back. We're back, we're back, we're back, we're back, we're back. Um, so, yes! That's good news! (types) Now I'm going to tweet the link, so everybody knows that we're back.

Um, okay. The system cuts off in four hours. (yells off-screen) THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT WE NEED 48 HOURS TO MAKE A LIVESTREAM! (continues typing)

All right. (continues typing)

(1:00) (to someone off-camera) No, I'm fine right now.

(to the camera) Um, okay. So. . . .(sustains for several seconds), we're getting, we're getting the new. . . Okay. So we're getting new, uh, perks as I speak to you. I was reading to you, but then it bonked. So I will start reading to you back in a minute, but we're going to move on to a new video. Uh, well, let me see where we are in terms of views for the th. . . .

There's so much stuff happening. Um. There's so many events occurring at the moment. We're going to go to You -- we're watching a -- I don't think we've quite updated -- can we update the info here on this page in order so that we can all see the video that we're supposed to be watching? Um. . .Oh! It's already happened. Mark is way ahead of me.

(2:00) So we're watching the Thought Bubble video, and we're at 2900 comments. We need more comments on that video! So if you're in the live stream, click the link in the dooblydoo and go to comments and we will be commenting. I'm back, guys! I'm back, don't worry! I am commenting too. (types)

All right. We're back! Um, and there have been 53 comments in the last minute. That's great, we're averaging more than 1 comment per second, which is awesome. Um, I'm going to give you a quick update on where we are before we move on to a new video, but what's. . . (types)

Um, all right, so, um, so here's where we are, right now, we're at 310,757 comments and 330,000 dollars raised. 330,000 dollars raised makes me think that it is possible, although it will be challenging, to get to 400,000 dollars, um, before the end of the Project for Awesome.

(3:00) Uh, we'll have to average 2,000 dollars an hour. (thinks for a split second) We can do that. Well, it's going to be hard, because things are naturally going to slow down, but we've got some AMAZING perks coming back in. Um, so keep commenting on that video right now and then I will bring you up to date on the perks in a second. Um, we're getting everything restarted here. I apologize for the interruption, but Google Hangouts apparently have a hard four-hour limit. I mean, that, who, who would, who on earth would want to have a Google Hangout of under four hours? (drinks from a bottle of water.) Mmm. Ahh. It's delicious.

All right, so over on the Indiegogo -- (drinks again) Oh. Water. I haven't had anything to drink but Diet Dr. Pepper in days. I forgot how delicious water is. Mmm. Oh my gosh. Mmm. They just make this stuff -- where do they get it? Ahh.

(4:00) Where could you get -- could you drink this all the time? I guess it's possible to drink this instead of Diet Dr. Pepper, or would that be bad for you? I assume that would be bad for you. Mmm. This is too delicious to be healthy. I assume that, uh. I assume that's why they make you drink Diet Dr. Pepper. (sets the water down) 

All right. Um. We're going to be doing a new video very shortly, but, um, yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed that Thought Bubble video and that it helped you understand better who Thought Bubble, um, who Thought Bubble is, and what kind of work they do, uh, because, yeah, they are truly, truly made of awesome. All right, so, if you hit refresh over on -- I will keep reading to you; I apologize that my reading got cut off, but if you hit refresh over at the livestream -- EVERYBODY GO TO THE LIVESTREAM! Um, go look at my beautiful live streaming face. And, um, if you go to the livestream and you refresh right now, you will see a new video, um, that we can watch together. . .

(5:00) . . .and then beneath that a link where you can vote for it, beneath that, a link to the, um, hoverboard, uh, that is available, uummm, through the Project for Awesome at, um, uh, from our friends at SourceFed and beneath that the link to the most amazing stuff from Watsky that you can ever imagine. Um, I mean things that I- I- yeah. So there's already a bid at 500 dollars but I'm gonna, I'm gonna outbid that person don't worry. 

Um, okay so there let's go watch this um... Project for Awesome video, right now. Click the link in the dooblydoo. We're gonna watch it together, and um, we're gonna watch this together and then we're gonna talk about, um, it, and then I'm gonna read to you. That's how it's going down. 

(6:00) Let's watch it together starting now 3, 2, 1 go! (watches video) 

(7:00) (continues watching video)

(8:00) (continues watching video)

(9:00) (continues watching video, stopping at (9:18)) [laughs] The previous video is very different. I'm gonna- I- That was, that was great. Hey Danica? Can you come here? Can you donate a penny for however good in tha- tha- that video that we're watching right now, can you donate a penny for however many comments there are? To the- to the uh, to the, um, national MS society? There's a donate link, it's the top link. It's just getting paged. Thank you. 

(Danica talking in-decipherably off-screen) Uh lets say, as, as, as many, as many pennies as they can get by 10:30. 

(10:00) Alright. One of my best friends also has MS, um, I don't talk about it much, uh, I've thought about making a Project for Awesome video about, um, her, this year, uhhh, but I didn't. Um, and I was with, I was with her right after, I- I- I went to, I went to visit her in Chicago the- the day after she got diagnosed, and, um, we spent the weekend together, and, I mean we spend a ton of time together, but um, yeah, to tell- it's a hard, it's a hard disease.

Uh, but one of the fascinating- but it is also, in many ways, a- a great example of, um, of contemporary medical research working, because there are better and better drugs coming out to treat, um, MS, to make the period of, it's- it's a weird disease because most people have relapsing, remitting MS, which means that for a long period, their symptoms won't get any worse, um th- um, and uh, they'll have this long period of, you know...

 (11:00) to (20:00)

(11:00) ...relative, yeah, where- where everything is normal except for whatever symptoms they already had, and then they will have a period where things get worse, um, and uh, they have to go- they have to get into remission, um, in order to kind of keep, yeah, in order to keep the symptoms from getting worse, and um, the period or periods of remission are getting longer, the relapses are, are um, yeah. But it is still a devastating disease, and one that, um, yeah, affects way, way too many people, um, around the world.

It's a- it's, and um, but yeah, I- I- I'm glad that the drugs are getting better, um, It's very encouraging, I have to say it's tremendously encouraging to see, uh, women like Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, who'd been living with MS for decades, in such good health, um, you know, like she wasn't able to accompany Governor Romney on the campaign trail much, um, just because, uh, she had I guess a relapse.

(12:00) Like, in the early days of trying to campaign with him, which is just so hard, so stressful, and so little sleep and everything. But, um, it is a- it is changing, uh, you know, it's not the, the death sentence I guess, that it once was. But it's still a very disabling disease for a lot of people, and, um, and one that, uh, that we should, we should battle.

SO every time you comment, it's now worth two pennies on this video. This is something I care about very much personally, um, so, and I'm gonna donate, um, to sound the awakes to- to the- to the JP Mets page. Um, and uh, I hope you will too, um, and you can also, you can also vote for it at the Project for Awesome, there's a link in the doobly there- dooblydoo there where you can vote for it, um, for that video at- uh, for the Project for Awesome at- at, and the votes that you make at define, uh who gets the money...

(13:00) vote carefully and thoughtfully. 

Alright so, I'll answer some questions, so it's two pennies, not just one penny. It's funny, I- I- I won't I- I just made a big point about how I won't share my Twitter with anyone, but then I handed my credit card to Danica like that was no big deal. 

Um, alright, so, ah, yeah, comment lots, there's already 2,000 comments, man, if I go up to two pennies you guys go bonkers on commenting. Um, yeah, so comments on this video are worth, ah, are worth two pennies until 10:30.

I'm going to go back to reading from my story, the sequel, um, I don't know when I, I don't know really when it bonked but, um, yeah, so she's just so, so, so this chaplain is telling her that she is a character in a novel, called The Odd at Sea, and that the- the name Ima Portant is pretty unambiguously a fictional name in a bad novel, um, but uh, yeah. So then we ah, then we break back to the chaplain. 

(14:00) Um, like, someone will tell me where I was. Um. Okay. Alright, so I'm gonna go, I'm just going to start with the chaplain, the chaplain part here. 

I ran down the four flights of stairs, from Hannah's room to the emergency department. I took the stairs two at a time, thinking that I was still young, that my knees were still good, that the best and worst of it were still in front of me. I found Doctor Bell talking to the mother of a kid with an exceptionally bad ear infection- a writhing, howling kid, kicking the bed. I went in and knelt next to the kid, and told him that it wouldn't hurt much longer, and as soon as I said that he calmed down.

I could almost feel his body slacken, and for half a second I thought I might not be a crappy chaplain after all, whereupon Doctor Bell said to the mother "There it goes, that's the medicine kicking in. As long as we can stay ahead of the pain he should be fine, just give him another pill around 4 am, and then keep up with the drops, should work out well now that we've got his canal open".

(15:00) Doctor Bell and I left together, and as we walked down the hall I said "Are you super busy?" 
"Is that a rhetorical question, Chaplain?"
"No, do you have like ten minutes for a walk?"
"Don't ask me out Taylor, I don't go out with ministers, my Rabbi would kill me." 
"I'm not asking you out." I said, rolling my eyes. She stopped walking and swiveled around, looking at me. 
"Anti-Semite" she said.
"There's no winning with you."
"Yes, that's the idea." Doctor Bell said, as she slapped the silver plate to open the doors. 

Once we got out into the open air the flirtation ended, it was mostly theater for our fellow employees. I ostensibly had a girlfriend, although it would be more accurate to say that she had me. Anyway, we walked across the emergency room parking lot, and I told Doctor Bell I wanted to go to the bookstore, if it was still open. She didn't answer. 

We were both breathing the unkempt air of outside, the dirty, delicious air, with it's suspended particulates, it's flu virus', infectious bacteria. It was a warm, humid night in Indianapolis,...

(16:00) ...and when we walked through the hospital playground, the place that is always empty, even in the daytime (not for lack of children, but for lack of well ones) we were far enough away from the streets and the buildings to see our moonlit shadows, the black over the silver, as we walked past the shadows of the still swing sets. All that air, thick enough to chew. 

Doctor Bell broke the silence. "So I hear the leg trauma girl is nuts?"
"Indeed" I said. We made it out to the street designed for College students, head shops and babel stores, and all night convenience stores, selling nothing but candy and beer. I told her about the girl, and the book The Odd at Sea

"That's funny, I know that book" she said. 
"Yeah, I never read it, but the guy who wrote it is from here, isn't he?"
"Yeah, I think so. It's about this insurance adjuster lady, who's having an incredibly boring affair with her female next door neighbor." I'd read it a summer ago, I was living on-campus, working for a professor...

(17:00) ...who was writing a book about whether or not one word in Richard the Third should be deleted from the text of the play. That summer, this beautiful girl named Ellen was slowly dumping me. It took her the full fourteen weeks to complete the excision, and after our fights I would read.

Back then I was willing to read absolutely anything, so long as it wasn't Richard the Third or about Richard the Third, and because my standards were so low, I ended up reading The Odd at Sea, which I found in the 50 cent used hardcover rack at the college bookstore. And it was signed, I figured any signed book, even a bad one was worth a couple quarters. 

I read the book in two nights, it was only about 200 pages, just a series of character sketches about this woman, Marina, and this kid, Polly. Parts of it were just regularly overwritten, but parts of it were so bad it's good, enough to keep you reading on nights when the only other entertainment available to you was having extravagantly painful arguments with the nice-looking girl, who couldn't quite bring herself to dump you. 

The best thing about The Odd at Sea, to be honest, was it's title, that wonderful pun on Homer. 

(18:00) I kept thinking the title would pay off, that Polly and Marina would go to the beach one day, rent a tubby sailboat and then get dragged out to the tide to face a cyclops and sirens and stuff, but that was not to be. In fact, there was not a drop of water in the whole damned book. 

We came to the bookstore, which was three houses joined together, all of them still furnished, but now with a winding and endless collection of used books stacked high against each wall. The store was eccentrically catalogued in a way that only the owner could understand, so if you wanted to find any particular book, you had to find him. 

Fortunately, he was standing behind a cash register at the messy entry-way. "I'm looking for a book" I said. He glanced at me, and then back down to his reading. "Bible's on the second floor in the blue bathroom."
"No, he's not that kind of Chaplain," Doctor Bell said. "He's the conflicted kind."
"Oh, then our gay erotica section is in the basement."
I laughed. "The book I'm looking for is called The Odd at Sea, I don't remember the author-"
"Who's your author, second floor, yellow bedroom, author's name is Elliot Garman, terrible book by the way."
"Great, thank you."

(19:00) We walked upstairs and wandered until we came to a canary-colored room with a sagging full bed, covered with a yellow paisley bedspread. Doctor Bell found the book, a dust-jacketless hardcover, the title printed in block, navy blue lettering down the dimpled spine. 

The author's name was almost microscopic- Elliot Garman. I pulled the book out and flipped through, it too was signed. I guess Elliot Garman liked autographing. 

-stops reading from book-

I should mention I wrote this before I signed 150,000 copies of my own book. 

-continues reading from book-

"You know anything about this guy?" I asked Doctor Bell. 
"No, just that he was one of like four Jews living in Knox County when I was growing up. I think he lived at Mount Vernon?"
"He did? Where does he live now?"
"He's dead" she says.
"Well see that's a potentially relevant piece of information."
"I thought it kind of went without saying" she answered. I mean, I don't know if you've noticed, but pretty much everyone we both know is dead. I laughed.
"I should introduce you to...

-stops reading from book-

Ah, that's a- that's- that's not a good joke. Um... ah, I'll make a different joke. 

(20:00) Ah....yeah. Nah...

The current joke is "I should introduce you to Osama bin Laden," which doesn't work, 'cause he's dead. (laughs)

Uh.....oh! Whatever, I'll put in someone, someone who should die. 

-continues reading-

...I say, and even though she laughed, I regretted saying it. I would do anything for a laugh. "You're dark, Taylor" she says, "You are one dark-hearted servant of your Lord."

The book cost three dollars, when I got back to her room on the fourth floor, Hannah was sleeping. Her rhinestone cellphone was gone from the bedside table. In it's place sat a Marion County sheriffs's business card. I tucked the book into her arm. I walked down to the basement, got a banana from the cafeteria and then ate it in the deserted gastroenterology lab waiting room on the second floor. 

The gastroenterology lab waiting room was a bad luck place to eat of course, just like every other place, but I figured it was safer than the cafeteria, which had already failed me once that night. 

 (21:00) to (30:00)

(21:00) I was standing up to throw away the banana peel, when the beeper started to play it's wistful tune again. Freakin' gastroenterology lab waiting room. A terrible place to eat a banana, what had I been thinking? I could hear the fatigue in the dispatchers voice when he said "Level One trauma, eight minutes, fifteen year old, shot himself." And so Doctor Bell and I came together to make the mutual acquaintance of another former person. 

-stops reading from book-

Alright. So that's, uh, that's a little bit of The Sequel, from my, ah, new story that I'm working on, working on. Or that I have abandoned, I don't know. I've abandoned, I guess. Um, how many, how many words was that? That was seven thousand words, I read? That's a lot of reading, thank you guys for listening. Seriously, it was a terrible place to eat a banana.

That is, uh, totally autobiographical, when I worked as a- as a- as a student chaplain, when I should have been at my least superstitious, um...

(22:00)  I was instead at my most superstitious. It was really interesting to see, I mean I have, like a lot of people with anxiety disorders, I have a tendency toward, um, a little bit of obsessive thinking and, um, you know, superstitious thinking, and seeing portents where they aren't there, and everything.

Um, but ah, um, but yeah, when I worked as a- as a- as a Chaplain, when I should have been, you know, ah, thinking hard about that stuff, and thinking with some theological sophistication, instead, um, I found myself with just tremendous, very simplistic, ah, superstitions that were overwhelming, most of which evolved around where I should eat, um, and my strong feeling that if I just found the right place to eat the beepers would stop going off, there were actually two beepers when I worked as a Chaplain. 

And that, I was convinced, I was just like "we've gotta get these beepers to stop going off."

(23:00) Because it was quite a nice job until the beepers went off, but then it was always very sad. 

Um, so yes. That story, as well as two others, are available at the Project for Awesome Indiegogo, which you can find at, we're nearing 260,000 dollars, um, 260% of our, of our, uh, yes, of our goal, which is crazypants. 

Um, and uh, I'm gonna go through some new perks, we have new perks! Including, if you go to that page right now, oh look, beautiful, look at that beautiful T-shirt, that is finally available, we finally worked it out to make it available. 

(24:00) Okay. Um, I will answer some questions about writing I guess. Um, but, uh, I had to tweet out the link to um, to the Project for Awesome Indiegogo, because I wanted to describe our new perks!

Um, and remember, all your comments in, uh, in that video right now are, all of them are worth two pennies apiece. Two pennies! Alright, I keep putting the screen up too high. Um, so, ah, yeah, there's the terrible, I, terrible framing of my livestream, because I- Hank is the- Hank is the visual one, I am the talker. 

Alright, so, ah, 259,299 dollars, that's where we are right now, um, so th- I- I'll bring you up to date on the situation. For five dollar, five dollar donation, a mere five dollars you can get a... an MP3 of Hank- of the insane- NOT INSANE! The bananas!

(25:00) Oh! Really working on that, because as a person with mental illness, how self-loathing do you have to be to dismiss things as insane. Oigavey. Alright.

A bananas, a silly, bananas, um, yes, okay. Right, you can get a, you can get a bananas song. It is truly bananas. It- it is bananas. There's no other word for it.

Um, that uh Hank and Ethan Newberry wrote in the, at like four o'clock in the morning last night called, ah, 'Look at Hank's Face'. (laughs) It's one of the funniest songs that I think I've ever heard, um, only, it says only four people have claimed it but that's because we took it down for a little while, I think Hank wanted us to take it down, but we put it back up because he went to sleep. 

Um, and uh, it's expensive, as Hank says, uh, it's expensive for an MP3, but it is extremely cheap for a P4A perk, so um, that's- that's up again.

(26:00) Um, for ten dollars you can get on the awesome list of awesome.. uh, fifteen dollars you can get a story by uh.. uh, Ca- Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. Um, and you know that will be, uh, be wonderful, because they are, uh, two of the best fantasy writers in the world today. For twenty dollars you can get the ebook that I just read from. 29,075 have claimed that, why don't 25 more of you claim that so it can be a nice round number. 

Um, tha- that, it contains three, uh, stories, um, all of them set uh, primarily in children's hospitals, that- that were sort of early kind of staging grounds for the book that became The Fault in Our Stars. And as you scroll down there, you will see on the left our new P4A shirt donation level, which includes a shirt and a die-cast metal, Project for Awesome participation pin. Um, that you can get now. Which is really exciting, we've been trying to get that up all night and now it's there. Um, it's a cool shirt design by the great Karen Kavett.

(27:00) As is this website that you're looking at right now. Um, wow, there are still a few WheezyWaiter Christmas cards left. WheezyWaiter has generously agreed to send Christmas cards to many of you. Um, where he and Chyna are wearing funny sweaters, um, and then of course there is the Men of YouTube calendar which we've also sold almost 2,000 of. 

Uh, my ebook, and the Men of YouTube calendar are locked in a battle for supremacy. Um, I'm not gonna tell you which one you should favor, I'm just going to tell you that Watsky does not appear as a character in, um, my ebook, nor does Charlieissocoollike, uh, nor does um, Harley from Epic Meal Time however, you know, it depends on what your interests are I guess. But it's a great calendar, it includes not just um, not just hilarious pictures of, uh, the men of YouTube, but also, it's a YouTube specific calendar, and a Nerdfighter specific calendar in many ways. So Esther Day is marked on there, as is the Project for Awesome...

(28:00) is VidCon, so you will know exactly when the Project for Awesome starts next year. Um, there's still Annoying Orange posters signed by Dane left as well, and there's the Nerdfighter bottle cap necklace, um, for those of you who don't know Danica, who works uh, is a producer of CrashCourse, is also a maker of awesome bottle cap necklaces like these (holds up bottle cap necklaces)

Here is a corn dog Hank, ooh, corn dog Hank don't run away from me, here is a corn dog Hank one. Um, here is- here is Matt Smith on a glittery background, he's on a television program. Um, here are Hank and John in front of the TFIOS fan, at the Tour de Nerdfighting. Um, so, uh, I can't guarantee which of these you'll get, but you'll, um, whichever one you get, it will be great, and they all have like uh, cool um, vintage soda bottle caps. They're all from cool vintage soda bottle caps. We see lots of cool vintage sodas on the back. Um, and they're very nicely made, I have- I have several of these. 

(29:00) Not the necklaces, I mostly have magnets. That are over there on my door.

Um, for forty-eight dollars, that's the new donation level, forty-eight, a mere forty-eight dollars. You can get the P4A shirt, thirty of you it looks like, zero, zero of you, sorry, it's very hard with Indiegogo, that's a problem, yeah. Zero of you have claimed that so far, but that's okay, hopefully some of you will. Um, we'll make you a shirt, in your size. And uh, you also get a die-cast uh, metal participation pin. Um, so you can put it on your backpack, or, um, you know, use it as a- as- as one cuff link. I don't know, that's up to you. 

Um, there's also Will Wheaton bottle caps, uh, necklaces, um, used studio scripts um, signed, uh, annotated, one-of-a-kind, I mean if you, if you like CrashCourse and SciShow uh, as much as we do, if you b-believe in it then that's a cool, one-of-a-kind gift. Uh, they're- the- they are - they will be the true original scripts, we don't have any extra copies of them, we're going to make Xerox's so that we can save them for our own records. 

(30:00) But uh, we will be sending you the original scripts, and the- they will only, only exist i- in your, in your home. You can do whatever you want with them. Don't burn them. Preferably. But it's up to you!

We're almost at 260,000 dollars, we're just sixty dollars away, so those are the new perks, um, I also, we are now, we've also, we're also at 9,500 total funders, and I want to thank all of the almost 10,000 people who have donated to the Project for Awesome, if you are new to the livestream, or to the P4A, uh, the Project for Awesome is an annual YouTube charity event, uh, where the YouTube community comes together uh, to raise money and awareness for charities, and to make thousands of videos about the charities that we care about. And this year, uh, it has been, for lack of a better word, bananas. 

Um, we are nearing 375,000 dollars in total donations, which makes it the largest Project for Awesome by a factor of more than two? And we don't know what to do with ourselves, because we've still got a day left! So lets keep this train cooking! Alright.. um...

 (31:00) to (40:00)

(31:00) Oh I just exaggerated. We have- we- we're actually at near- we're actually near I think, two- three hundred, wai- let me, let me look. I'm just gonna go to, to see our total. We are not, we're near 335,000 dollars. I exagger- I'm sorry. Hopefully we'll get to 375,000. 335,000 dollars, still bananas!

Alright, um... yeah. Okay. So, I want to, I want to, I want to read some quick comments from people who have donated, um, and to- to thank- to thank them. Um, Karen says "DFTBA", Patrick says "Woohoo this will be, uh, thar be awesome wizards on Saturn, yes", um, Anne says "No idea what to say here, I don't know any smarty-pantsy remarks, DFTBA." That's pretty good though. That's pretty good use of smarty-pantsy. Um, Sam says "Happy to help decrease World Suck and helping out amazing charities. Happy holidays and love to all." Thank you so much Sam, thanks for being part of this with us. Um.. uh...

(32:00) Erin uh... Erin Rollo says "Project for Awesome is the best part of YouTube." I hope so, I mean, I think that uh, it- with all this talk about the, the death of the YouTube community an- and the restructuring of YouTube so that it is more um, ah, oriented toward big brands or whatever, um, this speaks pretty strongly to the fact that the YouTube community is in fact doing just fine. 

Um, I would argue that um, in many ways- I don't know what to do about this cowlick up here (tugs hair) I don't, I can't get rid of him. In many ways, the Project for Awesome is uh, this is by far the most successful year of the Project for Awesome, really by any metric. Um, I think that it will be in the end, even by, even by the metric of number of comments generated, um- as long as you guys keep commenting!- and um, and certainly you know the number of votes at has been extraordinary.

Um, and we've raised way, way, way more money than ever before and, and uh...

(33:00)... it's just really, really exciting. Um...uh, so- so please- please keep uh, keep donating if you can, and if you can't afford to donate there are so many more ways to be involved, because you decide where the money goes, with your votes at, and every time you comment on a Project for Awesome video it's a penny. 

Um... "I already donated twice for John's stories and the Wheezy/Chyna cards, and now John's just managed to convince me to get the calendar." Nice! Thank you C. Barlan. Um, I'm glad I convinced you to get the calendar, I don't think you're gonna regret it! I might be wrong, but I don't think you're gonna regret it. 

Um, "I didn't think I'd be able to donate anything else but I really want that shirt. Thanks for never forgetting to be awesome!" Thank you L2B1Cerbal. I don't know if I said your name right, I apologize in- Um, Audrey says "Donating money in honor of my boyfriend, who has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I love you Ryan." Aww, I hope Ryan hears that.

Um...uh...Michael got one of the first T-shirts:

(34:00) "This must be one of the first, so proud!" Thanks- thanks for- thanks for donating. Um... uh... someone says "I wasn't sure if I would be able to afford this, but then I realized I was gonna get money for Christmas." That's very nice of you to spend some of your Christmas money on the Project for Awesome. 

Um, and I will remind you that The Foundation to Decrease World Suck has zero overhead, everybody volunteers their time, including everybody who packs stuff up so every penny that is not, you know, doesn't go to shipping costs, or printing calendar costs or anything, all that stuff, or- or to Indiegogo and PayPal, they take percentages, I think they take, I don't know 7% or something, every penny, um, will go to the Project for Awesome charities. We have very open and transparent accounting, we always have- we've never had this much money but we will continue to have open and transparent accounting.

Um, ah, I know that you should be very careful about um, you know, like, where you donate your money, but you can go to Save the Children's um...

(35:00) official blog or Partner's in Health official website,'s official website, YouTube's official website um, and- and all of these people are people we've worked with before and have uh, you know... like, audited our finances and checked to make sure they got the right amount of money and all that stuff and, um, yeah, so ah, we do, we work very, very hard at the Foundation to Decrease World Suck um, to be like, professional and grown-up about this, and uh we have a board of directors and everything. 

Um, and next year, hopefully, we will have tax-exempt status, this year we don't. Um, because it is an extremely long process, but it should be a long process, I like that the Federal Government um, is very careful about vetting these things. So, um, yeah, we don't this year, but we hope to in the future. 

Um, and uh, Will Hamayn says "Was too tempted by John's reading of The Sequel," That's good, I'm glad that raised some money. "John, the video stopped" said Chrissa. How nice was Chrissa to donate just to tell me that the video had stopped.

(36:00) I know, I'm sorry, anyway, it's back. That's the important thing. Um... and.... Spillarka says "Thank you Hank and John for this community, and for including me in it, I appreciate the hard work it takes to make the plane fly, and fly you do- to amazing heights. You have given people something to believe in, and something to hang on to, and something to do together, for the good of everyone. That's strong work, and it really pays off for the community and the world, thank you nerdfighteria"

And thank you! I think that's from Hanks old teacher Leanne actually um, which is very, very sweet. Um, I thank you guys all for donating. Um, and Catherine says "My daughter Kayla was diagnosed at age 15 with a rare adult cancer adenoid cystic carcinoma, she's 21 now. I introduced Vlogbrothers to her and her sister Hailey years ago, but it was watching Esther's story that became a huge inspiration to others that has forever cemented you and your brother as heroes in our book.

(37:00) TFIOS is deeply personal for us all and we are true believers in having Esther Day every day. Thank you." Aw that's so sweet, and I know that that would mean a lot to Esther and to her family. Um, yeah. Esther was a huge supporter of the Project for Awesome, she was one of the people who was in comments, you know, basically for the entire 48 hours of the Project for Awesome every year. 

And, uh, you know, even in 2010. I mean in 2010 she was gone, but even in 2009 when she was very, very sick. Um, she still was commenting like crazy in P4A videos, and you can go back to those Project for Awesome videos in 2009 and you can see her comments as crazycrayon. Um, and uh, it's really something to see, so this was a big part of her identity as a nerdfighter, and, um, you know, it's a big, and- and you know. Generally, you know, her worldview is a big part of what we do. 

(38:00) So I'm glad to hear that, and I'm also very glad to hear that your daughter is well. Um, yeah, so. mmkay. Alright!

So I'm gonna go- I'm- I'm gonna go grab this Dalek and this uh, this- this TARDIS and say goodbye to them because apparently they're- they're- they're- they're- among the many things that we have- it's like- it's like a garage sale for the Internet here at CrashCourse headquarters. I mean, are we gonna do my TV next? 

Um, alright, so here's a quick update on- we have 261,000 dollars in donations, we've raised 1,000 dollars in the last ten minutes. That's amazing, I should only talk about the Indiegogo. But we have so many great videos to watch too. Um, yeah, but you can, I- I- I think it's- I think it's people getting that awesome T-shirt. Yes indeed, 12 of you. Thank you.

Um, and I should say, that there are still, I guess the Yeti (to someone off-screen) Did the Yeti level sell out? (upon receiving no answer) Is that what happened last night? I guess? The Yeti level is gone? That was too bad. She was very excited- she's very excited about that but-

(39:00) 77,000 COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO! MY GOD, PEOPLE! I was- I was speaking- when I said two cents a comment I was more speaking metaphorically. Speaking of metaphorical cents. You know, like common sense, like the top-famous Thomas Paine. 77,000 comments! Man, when I get you two pennies per comment you really get motivated! Maybe I should do this more often. Except, except it's too expensive to do too often. 

But I do, I'm glad that you guys are all commenting on this video, if you're in the livestream by the way you should click the link in the dooblydoo. Only comments on Project for Awesome videos count, not comments in the livestream. Um, and uh, but I'm- I- yikes! Um, so many comments! You guys are just, you guys are knocking it out of the park. 

Um, yes, but you only have six minutes left, and then we are moving on to a new video. Um...

(40:00) Um, so I should add that uh, that the current, um, the current uh, the current total that we have here at that includes um, our previous donations to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck and um, um, uh... previous donations to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck as well as.. um.. the Indiegogo total, um... it will be- the actual money that goes to charity will be a little bit less than that because of all the shipping costs and the money that Indiegogo takes so um, I should state that.

But, on the other hand, there will also- there is also a lot of other Project for Awesome donations going on including, like, donations to, um, that we aren't counting like uh, Charlie's, um, Charlie's campaign for the Alzheimer's Society and, uh, lots of- all around YouTube, people are raising money...

 (41:00) to (50:00)

(41:00) ...In various ways, with their own communities, um, through- for the Project for Awesome. And, uh, yeah. So it's not uh, it's not a hard total or anything, but that is, that is where we're at at the moment, which is very exciting. 

Um, oh yeah so apparently when I talk more, there are more comments about the video, because we were averaging 5 a second and now we're averaging 13 a second, so that makes me want to comment less! Because I already owe 87 dollars to the National MS Society. But that's okay, I love- I do- I mean, I will say, I have- I have done some of these walks, and um, it's ah, it's really- it's a really cool experience. 

So if your own life has been touched by MS, the way that mine has, um, you should, you should really check out the National MS Society, because they do good work, not just for fundraising and stuff, but also um, they offer, you know, like, uh, like my friend is in a group uh... of young people with MS- relatively young people, and, um, it's been, it's been huge for her. Transformative, really. 

(42:00) I mean, I think the first year after diagnosis was so isolating, um, and I should add that, that like JP  Metts, she's in really good health overall. And, uh... you know, that's- that's- that's a great blessing, oh, it's just, it's a really- it's a really difficult, difficult disease, because you're always living with a measure of uncertainty, because you never know when there's going to be another relapse. 

WOW! Clintmeister's up to 4 dollars and 34 cents by commenting only the number of pennies that he has donated. Or she. ahh the number of pennies that they have donated. I'm trying to get into better pronoun usage. Um, alright, so we are at 9,152 comments, you guys are perilously close to making my, my donation 100 dollars, um, to the National MS Society. Um, and specifically to Team Christine, um, so we'll see if you get there! It looks like you may.  You're going incredibly fast. You're going like 100 comments a second now. 

(43:00) I don't know what to do about this. Okay! Um... uh, but then, then at 10:30 we're moving on to a new video so alright. 

Um... that was a great video by thought bubbler, and I've never seen, I've never seen a lot of those thought bubble people by the way. Like in- I- I- I mean, I- I've heard their voices many times in conference calls about world history but I've never actually seen their faces. They're an attractive bunch! Canadians tend to be. 

Um. Yeah. So... alright. Okay. Um... wow. Okay, you're well over 10,000 now. I'm just gonna stop talking about it. I'm gonna talk about something else, because I'm already, I'm already 100 dollars in, plus another 100 dollars for charity. 262,255 dollars over at the Indiegogo, with 65 hours left, but again, that's not actually the truth. 

(44:00) The truth is that we have about 26 hours left because this ends, uh, at noon on Wednesday. Um, uh, many of you have heroically claimed the MP3 song Hank's Face, um, it is indeed a fantastic song.

You know what I just saw? (picks up laptop and begins walking with it) Um, I'm gonna try and draw you away from commenting by showing you this, uh, this fantastic drawing that I made. You guys are- you guys know, my wife is a- is- is a really, genuinely talented artist, um, I- I am less so, I just have the one drawing, I'm able to draw one thing. Um, and it is a um...

What it is- i- it's an animal. Um, and uh... I usually- but I usually have to use text to identify the animal. (holds up very basic stick figure drawing) Um, in this case the text is "I am not a turtle". Um. I don't know what animal this is. 

(45:00) Possibly a... is it a puppy? Is it... it could be a turtle. Maybe it's a turtle that's lying about it's turtleness. I don't know. mmm. 

I don't know, I'm gonna see in comments what you guys think it is over at the JP Metts video. Or the video about JP Metts. Um.. it's a spider. It's a spi- it doesn't have enough legs to be a spider. What else- it's a beaver- IT'S A BEAVER! It's definitely a beaver. 

Right, so this is, I just draw variations of this animal, like a giraffe is just the exact same thing, but it- instead of having a- a beaver.. face, it has a, you know, a long neck and then a beaver face. Um, up there at the top. Um, but this is, this is genuinely my level of drawing skill.

(46:00) Uh, which is why I'm so amazed when I watch people like Frezned draw on the uh.. on the internet. Um, because they just do such an extraordinary job. Um... yeah, uh, and they do it in like 30 seconds. And my wife is the same way, like she can- she can sketch something and it's just so astonishingly beautiful. And I'm like "here let me show you my turtle who's pretending not to be a turtle."

Alright. Just wanted to speak about my art skills. ALRIGHT WE'RE GOING LIVE. On a new.. um.. on a new video, so go back to the livestream. Your time is up! Let me, let me... let me see how many comments you have. You made... 11,614 comments, so I will be, I will be donating 116 dollars and 14 cents. Aw, Shmerg! 

(47:00) Good job guys. Well done. Um, alright. So if you hit refresh now, I think we should be seeing a new video. Yep, okay hit refresh now, and there's a new video um.. we're gonna watch it together. So everybody go watch this video. Click the link in the description-y. And, um... 

This is from a user with.. this video only has 255 views right now, and only uh.. this person only has 26,000 subscribers, so... consider subscribing as well. (types) Alright, get ready to watch it. (types) Kay.. I've tweeted it, so everybody's gonna go watch it, we're all gonna go watch it together. Alright. 

(48:00) Let's watch it. (starts watching video)

(49:00) (continues watching video)

(50:00) (continues watching video)

 (51:00) to (1:00:00)

(51:00) (continues watching video, stopping at (51:48)) I think we should let him know that it's something we want him to do. Um, this is a great, that was a great video, and, um, you know one of the things about the Project for Awesome that I- I- I see every year is that people um... It does take a lot of courage to talk about that personal stuff. 

(52:00) It takes a lot of courage to go on the Internet, a place where people can anonymously make fun of you and um, and be vulnerable and be honest about yourself. And, uh, hopefully the Project for Awesome fosters- fosters a- a community spirit where that, um, isn't attacked, but is celebrated. Where that vulnerability is seen as um.. awesome. And where we say, like, "Thank you for a great video and for inspiring us and for being great, and I know that wasn't easy."

Um, because it isn't. Like, we are very blessed now to live in a world where at least- at least um, I- I think, um, you know, things are much, much, much better, ah, then they were 20 years ago or even when I was in high school. When it was just unimag- I mean, you know, it wasn't- I went to an extremely liberal high school but it was just unimaginable that I w- I knew there were gay students at- and I- I- there were even some students who were sort of- sort of out. Um, but uh..

(53:00) The idea of- of gay marriage or gay couples adopting children was just not even on my radar. And so I really uh, it's- it's great to see- it's great to see people um, having the courage to talk about it openly. So. 

Um, alright so let's all comment on this video for- for a few minutes, and, um, yay. I agree, the aw- the special effects were also awesome. Um.. oh someone s- (laughs)

(54:00) PoorVNiamie is saying "I hate that I can't watch some videos on my computer, I have to fix my computer. This seems like a fantastic video judging from the comments." That's pretty heroic, someone who's, uh, commenting even though they can't watch videos right now. 

Um, oh, S- S- my- my- uh, the Yeti is watching the livestream right now and she was like "Why weren't you talking?" I wasn't talking because, uh, we don't talk while we're watching the videos. So if you're in the livestream right now, watching the livestream, as Sarah is, we're talking in the comments for the new video. Um, uh, we're talking in- in the comments, so- it- right there in the dooblydoo Sarah, the- the first link in the dooblydoo is to a YouTube video, and that's- we're- we're commenting on that video, um, because every comment there is worth a penny to charity. 

Um, although in your case if- if you comment you will be spending your own pennies, so... I don't know. (laughs) But yeah, come say hi! Um.. so, lest you think that Sarah isn't uh, isn't a Nerdfighter. So, in between, so when I'm quiet it's because we're watching videos together. 

(55:00) Um, it's because we're uh, yeah. We're trying to, yeah. Yeah, that's why. Cause we're watching videos together. Um, but, um, but right now we're all just having a good time. 

Um, so I'm gonna answer some questions in comments I guess. Okay! Let's answer some comments. Um, let's see what your questions are. Um.. someone says "I find this interesting, because at my school homophobia bullying isn't really a thing. I mean, of course, some people still say things, but for the most part nobody really cares if you're gay or not."

I do feel- I do feel like that's changing a lot, and it's changing extremely fast. Um, which is great to see. 

(56:00) But a lot of the reason that it is changing is because of organizations like Stonewall, um, and it needs to keep going. 

"Is Sarah going to be at the Carnegie Hall event?" Yes, but not in a professional capacity, so don't um, you know, like, attack her or anything. Um, but yeah, she is going to be there. 

Um "If you and the Yeti are watching videos, what is Henry doing?" Well, (while laughing) for the record, the Yeti is at work. Maybe I shouldn't say that. Um.. ah.. yeah, so, so Sarah and I both, you know, both work full-time, um, uh, so we have childcare. But uh, um.. yeah, I'm sure the Yeti is working extremely hard while also watching the livestream. And commenting. (laughs)

Um.. uh, lots of  people are saying 'hi' to you Sarah. Uh.. "Is there a way for us to get in on this penny-donating action?" Well, you're donating a penny, uh, you're making me donate a penny every time you- you comment, so that's very useful. Um.. you're spending my- my- my pennies. 

(57:00) Oh- Sarah- someone says. Sarah, someone says "Sorry that we're spending your pennies, but it's for a good cause." Well she's in favor of it. I, you know, uh.. we talked about it before I agreed to this. 

Um, ah, "Why can't I watch this, I want to see this one" I don't know, some people are having problems watching it. Maybe it's a- sometimes it's- sometimes it's a, uh, yep, a b-b-b-b-b-b- alright, yep. 

Um.. "Good Morning John, it's Tuesday?" Um, "Yeah Sarah, we don't talk while watching videos, are you bananas?" Seriously Sarah, are you bananas? I don't even know if she's- I- I think she might have gotten embarrassed and left. Um, uh... um, yep.

(58:00) So, um, "I wanna donate but my parents don't trust me that the P4A isn't legit." Yeah, I understand that, and your parents are right to be concerned, um, but the Project for Awesome is legit, you can take them to YouTube's official homepage, uh, where it talks about the Project for Awesome or you can- if you Google like " P4A" you know, YouTube talks about the Project for Awesome, they're owned by Google. Um, one of the largest corporations in the world. 

The organizations that we've worked with in the past like Save The Children and Partners in Health and and the Harry Potter Alliance, um, all of those places, on their official websites talk about receiving Kiva. All those places talk about receiving the Project for Awesome, uh, money, and it's very- it's all very carefully audited, um, it is a real, uh, it is a real charity.

Um, we don't have 501(c)(3) status but, um, all the money from the Project for Awesome goes to charity. And the bigger argument I would make is that, like, if I were trying to steal money, um, which I am not, but if I were, uh, like..

(59:00) ...this- this would be the worst way ever, because I would definitely get caught. Um, yeah. So don't worry. Um, yes. Y- you- I- you know.

I- it- it's funny, because of course, like, you guys know us, and- and, um, and the YouTube community knows us, and we've worked together for many years, and we've worked very closely with YouTube on this for many years, and there will be Project for Awesome videos highlighted on the homepage tomorrow probably. But, um, but that's, um, but, you know, it's very difficult for parents to understand and when you explain it you start to sound crazy, so.

I can definitely, uh, I can definitely relate, so. Um, yeah. Um, I can definitely, definitely relate. So, yes. I understand! Um, it's okay! Another thing that you can do, is you can say to your parents "Well can I donate directly to charity?" Like, here's a Project for Awesome video I really liked, about a charity that I care about...

(1:00:00) ..maybe we should donate directly to this charity. Um, so, yeah, that's what I would encourage you to do. 

Um, uh, "How many pennies have people donated in total so far?" Good question! Let's go over to and find out. Remember, your votes at decide which charities, uh, get the money. So, it's important. 

Alright! Uh, the answer to your question is that we have raised 339,000 dollars so far, and we have 326,000 total comments, which means that Hank- 328,000 total comments, it just changed! Which means I have to do the decimals here which means that Hank and I owe 3,282 dollars and 33 cents to the Project for Awesome. 

Preeww, you guys are bankrupting us! No, go for it! Go go go go go go go! Um.. yeah.

 (1:01:00) to (1:10:00)

(1:01:00) Alright, so on this uh, this video- everybody make sure you thumbs it up as well, it seems like a lot of people might have forgotten to- to click thumbs up on this video, because it only has 755 thumbs up, and I happen to know there are more- there are more than 25,000 people currently watching the livestream so, um, we're gonna move on to a new video soon, but first make sure that you thumbs'd up that video and if you liked it as much as I did maybe that you've favorited it. 

Oh, and Holtsa just commented! Holtsa's here in the Project for Awesome, um, long-time nerdfighter, there's so many people who I recognize from their avatars now, I like this thing that- um, that uh, that- that- that- that the YouTube has done. Um, it's nice. Where you can see who people are as they comment. It also, I think, discourages people from leaving really, uh, trolling or aggressively horrible comments, because, um, because you know. That- yeah. And they get- it gets noticed, so. Um...

(1:02:00) Uh...mmm. Oh, hold on. Um. Sorry, I'm talking to my wife about important, uh, parenting related issues. But- but in a good way. Okay, so now, now n-now, n-now. Alright. Let's, um, yep. Let's um... we're trying to- we're trying to figure out what- what video is next, but I think we've got it up. 

Alright, so if you could all head back to the livestream please? Um, and hit refresh? Over, you can just type it in- if- maybe, maybe- maybe you don't have it loaded, in that case just type in, and- 

(1:03:00) Woah! Look at, look at me, I have a terrible cowlick. Um, and now, um, we're gonna go watch a new video, so you can click there and let's watch a new video together. Um, about Camp Good Times. This person has 13 subscribers by the way. And this video has 65 views. So let's, I'm gonna subscribe. And I'm also gonna like the video, right away. So b- before we watch it together, I have to tweet about it. And I'm gonna do that.

And I did it! Okay. Let's uh, let's all go watch it now. (sings) Let's all go to the movies, let's all- (stops singing) Alright, we're gonna watch it, ready? 3, 2, 1, watch!

(1:04:00) (watches video)

(1:05:00) (watches video)

(1:06:00) (watches video)

(1:07:00) (watches video, ending at (1:07:30)) That was a fantastic Project for Awesome video, man. Um, yeah, because you got to see, you got to see the organization at work, and you got to see the people that it helps, and when we got here it had 65 views, so I'm very glad that we found this one. I'm gonna give you guys a few seconds left to watch it while I comment on it. 

(1:08:00) Okay, um, (clears throat) I mean the uh, the, yeah, it's the, uh, the great thing about camps like that is that it's so isolating to be a kid with cancer, because, you know, your friends can be very supportive and they can be genuinely supportive, but they are never going to, um, they're never really gonna understand the nature of what you're, you know. They're never really gonna understand the way that someone who's also living with cancer can understand.

(1:09:00) Um, so, I think those, I think those organizations are tremendously important, and, uh, I thought that was a great, that video did a great job of explaining why.

Um, I'll remind you, you can go to and vote for, um, Ch- uh.. their link's in the dooblydoo there to the camp good times site, where you can just donate, uh, directly. You can also go to and vote, um, uh, but vote for that charity, um. Over at our number of comments has almost caught our money raised. We've raised 340,000 dollars and, uh, there have been 329,000 total comments on Project for Awesome videos. 

Um, but, uh, right now, that, that video is the number one, uh, featured video, and so you can go and, uh, if you wanna vote for it you can go and, and vote for it there. Um, yeah, that was great. That was really cool. Um, I'm gonna read some of your comments now, and, uh, actually I'm being told that I'm gonna go to the Indiegogo page and give you an update. I'm going on the Indiegogo page!

(1:10:00) So! Uh, there are, we, we watch and favorite and like - don't forget to like that video - and comment upon videos during the Project for Awesome, we also raise money, and this year we have raised way more money than ever before in the history of P4A. We've already raised more that 264,000 dollars, um, through, um, through the Indiegogo, um, and that's in addition to the- we have 50,000 dollars in matching donations, which shows you how much we thought we would raise, we thought we would be pressed to, to make sure that 50,000 dollars that we got from anonymous donors was matched, um, but that is not of a concern any more. 

Um, so, there's that money, and then there was already 26,000 dollars in the Foundation to Decrease World Suck funds, from uh, donations related to the evil baby orphanage card game, thank you so much to Word, the makers of that game. Um, for donating, uh, a portion of the funds to decrease World Suck. Um, and also from various other, uh, Foundation to Decrease World Suck donations and, uh, projects, some merch, some other stuff.

 (1:11:00) to (1:20:00)

(1:11:00) Uh, so, yes. But there are lots of great things that you can get at the Indiegogo, all 100%, we have no overhead at the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, so 100%, other than the cost of you know, Indiegogo's processing fees and the cost of shirts and stuff, 100% of the proceeds from everything that you donate will go to the Project for Awesome charities which will be chosen (to remind you) by you at based on what you vote for.

Um, we have, uh, 1,994 Men of YouTube calendars claimed. And we have 3,033 John Green ebooks claimed, which means that I've done it! I am ahead of the Men of YouTube calendar! I am bigger than the Men of YouTube! Admittedly, they have raised more money, but still!

Um.. alright. We also have, uh, nerdfighter bottle cap necklaces, there's 54 of those left, um, they are amazing!

(1:12:00) If you come to the livestream for a second, here's one of Hank (holds up bottle cap necklace with picture of Hank) that, uh, that Danica made, um. Here's the nerdfighter transformer guy, uh, here's, here's, here's giraffe love. And here's The Fault in Our Stars black and white, oh and Danica's giving me many more of them. 

Oh, so they're basically- so here you can see the- the- the- these haven't been finished yet, but this is the beginning of them, they've got these, some of them have- are quite sparkly. Um, well most of them are quite sparkly. Um, there's the occasional plaid one, but, um, yeah lots of, lots of sparkles in the background, and then in the foreground there will be some kind of nerdfightastic image, maybe it will be The Fault in Our Stars, maybe it will be Hank, uh, maybe it will be Jennifer Pinches, a nerdfighting Olympian doing the DFTBA, the nerdfighter sign. Or maybe it will be Hank and John at The Fault in Our Stars- oh! There's a finished Fault in Our Stars one that's very attractive. 

(1:13:00) That Danica just handed me, there you go. And then on the back it's some kind of vintage, uh, vintage soda bottle cap. Always a cool one. Uh, like this one is for Orange Dream soda. 

So those are available, um, for a donation of $40, and Danica has very, very generously donated, is going to donate a ton of her time to make these, and also is donating all of the supplies and everything to make it possible, um, to do it for maximum, maximum charitable donations. So thank you so much Danica.

You can also get Will Wheaton, um, uh, Will Wheaton bottle cap necklaces, uh, Will Wheaton was on the livestream last night, seriously. The Will Wheaton. From, you know, Star Trek. And The Big Bang Theory. And The Guild. Arguably, The Guild being the coolest of those. Um, and uh, there's also a shirt, uh, now a P4A shirt donation level where you get a T-shirt as well as a Project for Awesome participation pin, um, and you will be the only people in the world, however many people claim that will be the only people in the world to get those. 

(1:14:00) Um, and uh, then we still have studio scripts, so, um, here at, when we make CrashCourse World History and CrashCourse Biology, uh, we use, uh, scripts that are written by, uh, in our case, by my High School History teacher Raoul Meyer and myself, uh, but then we write all over the scripts as we're making the videos about uh, jokes and things for the gag reel, and all kinds of stuff, and those will be signed by, by me and um, and they're, you will have the only one in existence, for that episode of CrashCourse, uh, and um, yep. 

So, that is a, I think that's a pretty special, special gift, uh, but it is expensive. It's 100 dollars. Um, and we've almost raised 265,000 dollars now, which is just, I know that I've said it before, bananas. Listen, there's a pressing issue which is that I have to pee, and then after I finish peeing, I have to, um, I have to move to the treadmill desk, so here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna leave you with the couch.

(1:15:00) Um, I'm gonna leave you with the couch, because the couch is great, it's close, it's a good friend, it's never steered you wrong, keep commenting on that video, keep donating at the I feel like I'm like a, the NPR person during the pledge drive, constantly repeating the phone number, but yeah, p4a-, um. And, uh, yes. Keep all of the magic going, um, and I have to pee. But I'll be back.

Then I'm gonna get on the treadmill desk, I'm sorry if that's annoying, but I've gotta get some energy flowing. Alright, I'll be back in a second. (leaves at 1:15:44) 

(Indistinguishable talking)

(1:16:00) (couch)

(1:17:00) (couch, indistinguishable talking at (1:17:41)) You guys are doing okay? Good. (noises)

(1:18:00) Ahh. Alright I'm coming! Heeerrreee I come! I don't know what that song was about. I don't know what that- I don't know. Alright, let's get on the treadmill desk. Let's crank out- let's crank out some serious mileage today. Alright. Let's hit start. Alright. Oh yeah.

Oh wait I gotta turn off that ugly light. I gotta turn off the ugly light hold on, hold on. Sorry about the stain on my ceiling. (turns off light) There we go. No, you know what, there should be enough light just, is there enough light? Mmm... yeah, that looks nice actually. That is the light just from, um...

(1:19:00) It says that I've already burned one calorie, which I think is probably not honest. Okay, I'm gonna try -ahhh, just, if we can get rid of that stain. There we go. Is that good? Yeah, shooting yourself from below is always great if you wanna brag about your double chin. And I do!

Okay! Um... bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bup. Um. Okay! Uh, I think we're gonna move on to a new video now, and if I'm not mistaken then I'm gonna be walking on the treadmill desk, which always gives me fantastic energy. And makes me feel great. Um, let me see where we are.


(1:20:00) (starts speaking at  (1:20:12)) Okay, um... alright so I think, let me know, let me know when we're ready with the new video guys. With the new video guys. I like to say things and then also type them, because that's, that's efficiency. Um... but uh, quick update on

332,000 comments, almost 333,000 comments, oh I wish we could have captured it just at 333,000 comments because I like, I like repetitive numbers a lot. That's part of, that's part of, that's part of the... that's part of the anxiety stuff. Um, okay. Maybe I should answer your questions. Maybe I should answer your questions on twitter, I feel like I haven't been talking to you on twitter all day. 

 (1:21:00) to (1:30:00)

(1:21:00) I miss you guys. Alright. Uh... so, we're gonna try to do a few videos very quickly here, uh, in the 11-12 o'clock hour. Uh, we're also going to try to... um... give me a second here, I've gotta, I've gotta, uh, (scrambled noises). You know, we should uhs-haaa.

I'm a terrible livestream host, I apologize, my brother was much better. We should just go back, we should wake Hank up. That's what we should do. I just haven't, I just haven't talked to the twitter all day, it feels like. 

(1:22:00) I think I've only, I think I've only tweeted 74 times today and it's already 11:06 in the morning! Okay! So, I'm on my treadmill desk, and we've got a new video live. Alright. So if we all hit refresh, right now, look at that! It's a new video! Alright, let's go to, uh, let's go to the new video, and, alright! Let's watch it together. So click on the new video, we're gonna watch it together and, um... then I'll start talking again. But the reason I'm not talking is because we're watching the new video, which you can find at the link in the dooblydoo if you click the P4A livestream, okay go!

(1:23:00) (watches video)

(1:24:00) (watches video, ending at (1:24:43)) MemphisVinny's video is great, because, uh, MemphsVinny's a long time nerdfighter, and, um, he, uh, obviously had to set his, uh, at the end there he's setting his thumbnail. Um, but uh...

(1:25:00) Did- (laughs) Um, he, uh, he's always very dapperly dressed whenever I see him at conferences, but I didn't know that, uh, that all of this dapper dressing came from Goodwill until just now. I feel a little bit jealous.

The great thing about, um- Sarah and I donate, um, uh, a lot of stuff to Goodwill, but not money. Um, but that made a good case that we should also consider donating money. Um, yeah. I want a reversible vest! That's really what I wanna talk about. I wanna talk about the reversible vest issue. Where's my reversible vest?

For those of you who are watching the livestream right now, um, if you click the link in the dooblydoo, that link in the dooblydoo, you can comment there. That's where we're actually talking. Um, because every time you post a comment on a Project for Awesome video during the 48 hours of the Project for Awesome, which began yesterday, uh, and has continued with, um, non-stop live streams for the last 23 hours, um, uh...

(1:26:00) Every time you comment it's a penny that my brother and I donate to charity. So, everybody wins, except my brother, um, and myself. We lose. But we win, because we get to donate to charity. 

Um, and if you go to you can vote for your favorite charities and you can decide, you can help decide where the 350- 330- how much money have we raised? Three hundred and something. $341,558 that we have raised so far will go. This makes me so happy I wanna throw off a bottle of champagne popper, can I hit you guys? No! I missed you again! Did I hit my own head?

Mmm, yeah. We have like 400 of these champagne poppers. That was the closest I've ever come though. I did hit part of the computer screen at least. Um, I love champagne poppers! I think they're the most under-rated of all explosive devices. Um, alright. 

I'm gonna answer some questions from comments. About, uh...

(1:27:00) Um... if you wanna ask questions in comments for uh, from Memphisvinny's video, uh, use a question mark, that's how I see your comment. Because there's a lot of comments all the time. There's like, several per second.

Hmm, does Hank know he's also donating, he never mentioned it was him too, just you. Yeah, I mean in the past we've split it 50-50 so I assume we'll split it 50-50 again, but if he doesn't know about that then I dunno, maybe I'm wrong. Yeaaahhh, yeah he definitely knows about it. Um. 

Should the US get rid of the penny, will you bump your donations up to nickels or dimes? Well, maybe! I would be really happy if the US got rid of the penny, because it would show, like, rational governance. Um, that, like, the kind they have in Canada. I mean you can disagree with the decisions of the Canadian government, but, um, you know, they make an argument for them based on, uh, data. 

(1:28:00) Rather than, you know, basing your arguments on emotion. Uh, but yes. I might be happy enough if we got rid of the penny to change my donation to nickels or dimes.

Um... Did I hit my own head? I can't answer that question Elizabeth, I don't know if you hit your own head. Um, but I like that you guys are talking in comments. 

John, what is all of this I hear about sewers? Um, well I'm quite interested in sewers, uh, and I wrote something- hold on, I've got a- I- uh, I'm about to- my power's about to run out so I have to get a new power cord. (leaves and is seen looking for and then plugging in power cord)

Right, so I'm very interested in sewers, and, uh, I did write an article for Indianapolis Monthly. My, uh, my local- it's a- it's a- it's a magazine. I don't know how to plug this thing in.

(1:29:00) I'm not very good at my computer. Aha! That's how you do it. We set- I set this whole thing up so that it works. Yes! But I always forget how to do the actual plugging. Okay! It says not charging- now it's charging! Okay. Um, the basic answer to your question is that I like sewers, I'm very interested in sewers, and tunnels generally.

Um, they're a nice metaphor. (drinks) It's nice to think about there being a world beneath the world. Uh, also, I was a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was a kid. My-uh, Hank and I played the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle role-playing game a lot. So, yeah! And I wrote an article for sewers about Indianapolis Monthly where I toured the sewers of Indianapolis, including exploring a few storm drain outfalls myself. Um, it was a lot of fun to- a lot of fun to do!

Um.. "would I be the next Doctor?" I- uhh- I don't know, I mean if the BBC came to me and made an appropriate offer, I'd consider it. 

(1:30:00) I'm not an actor, so I would be a really bad Doctor, but, um, yeah geez I certainly wouldn't rule it out. "Whatcha drinking?" I'm drinking diet Dr Pepper, I was drinking water earlier but I just felt like, it tasted too good to be good for you