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Jessi gives a quick update on how the brush-tailed bettongs are settling into their new homes.

Dundee went to Frenchak Farms in Madisonville, TX.
Quigley and Babette went to Roos N More in Moapa, NV.

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Hey guys, quick update! Okay. So, if you watched last week's video, you'll know all about the Bettong move. So, we checked in with them to see how they were doing. Now, when we shipped them off, they did miss their connecting flight - which is kinda scary. But, we were confirmed that they were brought inside to a temperature controlled area, and they did just fine- and they made it to their homes in Nevada and Texas.

Dundee was introduced to April within the first couple days. Oh my gosh, I couldn't, I couldn't imagine a better situation! I mean, they hit it off. They did great! They're little lovers now, and it's like, I don't know, the best scenario a little arranged marriage can possibly turn out.

So, that's how Dundee is doing. And Quigley and Babette, they arrived just fine. They Joe is good. They're settling in. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on all three of them throughout, you know, the rest of their lives to see how they are doing. So happy that everything worked out. 

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Welcome to Animal Wonders. I'm Jesse, and I have a little adventure to share with you. For several years, we had a wonderful breeding pair of-