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Hey there, it's Hank Green.

Does your lens ever look really dirty and you're like—

That's better. Hi! I'm here to tell you about a thing... I mean you probably know about it. It's called PodCon, and we have an IndieGoGo campaign running right now and it's running until the end of tonight.

So I'm gonna delete this video tomorrow; it's just up here right now to say, You. Are you in Seattle... or not? Do you like podcasts? We're gonna be joined by all kinds of good podcasts, like My Brother, My Brother, And Me. We just announced that Buffering the Vampire Slayer is gonna be there. 99% Invisible. Alice isn't Dead. Song Exploder. Hrishikesh Hirway is gonna be there. Lore, Conversations With People Who Hate Me, The Allusionist, the Broadswords, Oh No Ross and Carrie, Hello from the Magic Tavern, Hannah Hart and Hannah Gelb from Hannahlyze This will be there, The Adventure Zone... people–friends–are gonna be there, The Black Tapes, uh, Lauren Shippen from The Bright Sessions and, uh, and Demi and Miel from Punch Up the Jam, it's gonna be—

These are so many extremely talented people. I'm so glad that they've all signed up to be at this thing, and it's going to be a very fun time. We had such a great time at the last PodCon. But I just wanted to give you that little note that this is happening now and it won't be, uh, that after the IndieGoGo campaign ends...

We're really hoping to get to our goal. We don't need to get to our goal to do the conference, it just means that it'll be a little bit, like... some things will be a little bit more difficult, but we'll make it happen, don't worry about it. But we really hope that we can get to our goal; we're climbing there quickly right now.

So we have physical attendance: It's January 19th and 20th in Seattle; we also have remote attendance which is $30 right now (it's $40 after the campaign ends), and remote attendance basically gives you the opportunity to have the entire PodCon experience delivered into the podcasting app of your choice and you can listen to it like it's a podcast! And the reviews of that from last year were extremely positive. So I love that we can offer that option for people who can't get to Seattle, and you also get to help out the campaign and help the event be a success.

So thank you everybody, that's all, that's the thing. We did it.