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This week's questions:
2:32 Do studies show if there are any health benefits by having indoor plants to improve air quality (not including psychological benefits)?
3:42 What studies have been done on frequency and timing of tooth brushing? (say brushing immediately after eating vs. 1 hour later ... or brushing once a day vs. after every meal)
5:13 I've been seeing a lot of stories about the use of psychedelics for depression (such as psilocybin, ketamine, and mdma), what do you know of any research being done on this?
6:12 I frequently wake up in the morning and grab a zero cal. zero sugar energy drink. I know you have done episodes on artificial sweeteners and coffee. Is this an unhealthy habit? Coffee tears me up.
7:23 My mom wants me to see a doctor who does integrative medicine, but I haven't found one who isn't endorsing stuff like aromatherapy, or even crystals. What's your take on this type of practice?
9:14 If you could perform a longitudinal cohort study on the American population, what question(s) would you focus on?
11:17 I'm considering medical school, but I have misophonia ("select sound sensitivity syndrome") triggered by sniffing (weird, I know). This sometimes leads to anxiety attacks. CBT hasn't helped much and the SSRI I tried made me feel sick. Though I'm interested in fields like pathology and OB/GYN where I wouldn't be exposed to these sounds as much, I'm worried about my ability to get through medical school. Will this have a large enough impact on my ability to care for patients or to obtain a license that I should avoid a career in medicine?
12:33 Your job(s) sound(s) awesome. How did you get where you are?
14:39 I've heard next year Congress could fund Medicaid with block grants or per-capita allotments. Could you discuss the pros and cons of each? How do they both work?
16:25 What care do you provide to kids as a peds. Doc for depression and other mental health problems? Any preventive care?
17:22 Do you find the health info/feedback from your Apple Watch useful? Do you like it?
18:30 Do facemasks help contain the spread of contagious diseases? I would really appreciate an answer!
19:45 What is your opinion on acupuncture and it's efficacy for pain management?
20:32 What is your best tip for a med student who want to be a awesome doctor who patients "like" who make the best decision for every patient?
22:40 How should one go about finding a primary doctor in a new city, and a doctor with open patient slots?
23:28 Are you going to continue with your worldwide healthcare system series? If so, can you do italy next?
24:05 Do you believe that expanded use of mid level practitioners, from Physician Assistants to NP's are effective in modern medicine? What about DNPs or Doctors of PA Studies?
24:48 I'm a teacher and there's been lots of talk about neuroplasticity and how students brains work. Is this just throwing neurology vocabulary on top of social science research or is there real science?
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