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All the details to get them for yourself or a loved one here:


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SELF LOVE CARE PACKAGE (Monsterbating Masters Coloring Book)


Visit your local humane society or animal control center. OR if you can't have a pet where you live, consider donating to Animal Wonders Montana

Planned Parenthood :
Center for Sex and Culture :
Engage by Uplift :
Foundation to Decrease World Suck :

GIVE A GIFT TO THE WHOLE WORLD - the gift of Sexplanations
Dr. Lindsey Doe: In the spirit of love, here are some of my favorite gift suggestions.

-- Intro Cut Scene --

Let's start with the one I'm wearing. It's the most expensive on my list, but totally worth it. This necklace is made by the company Crave. It's called "Vesper." On this 26" sturdy chain, is this stainless steel pendant that vibrates. Jewelry and sex toy in one! It comes in silver, gold, or rose (like mine) and with a push of this discreet little button, can pulse at slow, medium or fast speeds, quietly. You can charge it in any USB port, and it's intentionally designed to heat up as you use it. The packaging is beautiful, the design is classy, I love everything about it, especially how you can personalize it with an inscription. My friend Shannon, who first introduced me to Vesper has a line of them with her own slogan engraved on it that says "I own it, they love it." Mine says "Stay Curious"

Gift two: Lube. The key is to find something body friendly that lasts without getting all tacky. These little guys, called Pillows, are a nice way to try a variety of brands before you commit, and they're also great for travel. If you are going to commit to a bottle, Sliquid H2O is a reliable water-based lube, meaning that you can clean it up easily, and it's compatible with silicone toys. It's DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, paraben, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulphate free! (Also known as health-conscious.) To personalize it, you can design and apply your own label. Or get a waterproof aluminum pill fob. You can put lube in it and add it to a chain so you have it on the go.

My friend Kenton taught me that one. He's very clever, he also came up with these. They're 100% silicone fun kits. Gender neutral pleasure focus toys that can be customized their favorite colors. And it that already isn't cool enough, the base of each model can suction to things, like other fun kits, so it's like playing with adult Legos! And the grooves on the base make it easier for people with limited dexterity to hold them, or for people with ropes to strap them into place.

Speaking of that, gift 4: Ropes. These, I discovered on EpicRope's Etsy shop. They're listed as being specifically for bondage, made from natural fibers, in the color of your choice. This particular one is Romanian hemp. It's versatile, great for lots of occasions, strong while soft, and the dye shows up vibrantly. One tip is to accessorize with safety scissors and maybe a book to preview the possibilities.

Next on the list is a DIY present. This lovely Want, Will, Won't list can be purchased for $10. But you can make your own version of this with supplies at home. My favorite is reusing a glass jar. Add some photos of magazine clippings for decoration, and write down things you want to do to, or with your partner on slips of paper. You can use the same idea to create a jar of fond memories, or compliments or date ideas, it's totally up to you.

Next: A self-love care package. Sexplanations coloring book, new sharp crayons, a favorite tea, mixing spatula, an a bag of candy-coated chocolates. This book contains 33 masturbation tips, each with a monster to color. One of them recommends warming up the genitals with tea bags, so there's that. The spatula and the chocolates are also dual purpose. You can use them for the monster cookie recipe in the beginning of the book, OR you can paddle with the spatula, and use the chocolate on its own to light up the same part of the brain as orgasms!

Thinx: These are on my list because I like them so much. I wish I had my period more often so I could wear them all the time. They'd be a good gift for your pubescent kiddo, or best friend. Something that says "I care about your comfort and about your clothes not getting stained."

Something I'd recommend for you to get yourself? A dog. If you're missing pillow-talk, greetings when you get home from school or work, someone to eat with and plan your future with, that heartache has a simple fix. Yeah. There are an estimated four-million dogs that need homes. Love one of them. Dogs make super gifts for you or whomever, so long as they're wanted.

Making donations in someone's name, is the last item on my gift suggestions list. Planned Parenthood, The Center for Sex and Culture, YWCA, Engage by Uplift, and The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck are some of my favorites. Or, if you're a fan,

$8 a month in your loved-ones honor means access to vote on topics, participate in live-streams,  and a certificate that says "Official Sexpla(i)naut", but most importantly, knowing that you helped produce comprehensive sex education for the universe. 

I put more information about all these presents in the description. Please let us know in the comments what you would like as a gift, or other ideas you have - especially DIYs. 

And stay curious!

-- Outtakes--

*Singing* So beautiful, to me. Can't you see?