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Hello and welcome to Hank plays John and Hank's Awesome Adventure which you can get on your iPhone or iPad, I think, or possibly even your Macintosh computer, right now. Working on other versions for other platforms so just hold your horses.

Uhm, so I'm going to be me, and I'm going to choose a stage. Nerdfighteria: a mythical island nation on the outskirts of imagination. Here dwell the Nerdfighters, people whose veins run not with blood but with awesome. The mayors, John and Hank Green, keep an ever watchful eye over the island. But one day? My goodness.

So we're going to play Video Game Land. I've already played this and finished this level, but, uh, I'm playing it again because we're doing a let's play.

Whoa! Well hello there strange guy dressed... strangely. What's with the get-up? I am Greytorch, the greatest and the best. The Hallowed Game Master, I shall guide you on your quest. This is the guy who developed the game. He thinks highly of himself. Game Master? I didn't know we had one of those.

I pushed skip. That was an accident. I didn't mean to push skip. Sorry! You'll have to get the game to find out what happened. Right. Learning... ooh! Okay, there's apparently an invisible platform there. Ah! poop! Yeah, I'm on an invisible platform. Yeah invisible platform! Also, It's important to know that you can wall-bounce as high as you want to.

Aww. Yeah. Ah! Ah. Yeah! Take that, pooping Nintendo. Aw, why is this tree sad? Why you sad, tree? The pooping Nintendos? I'll take care of them for you. Wee! Well, there's an angler fish. He just shot out a freaking Pac-Man ghost. That is unusual. I've never seen an angler fish do that. Actually, I've never seen an angler fish, now that I think of it. I've never seen one in real life. Oh, Tetris pieces, you're so evil.

So there's coins. You get coins 'cause they're good. Don't- gotta be careful about the poopy... poopy guys. Okay. Yes. Ah! There's a corn dog up there! Don't mind if I do go get a corn dog. What are those, bees? I'm worried about the bees.

You've gotta be kidding me! The Worldsuck mega attack zone, a place to gain lives, to do as well as you can, is what I'd advise. So what do I need to do? It's quite easy my friend, just dance as you play, and then click on the chickens to knock them away. Well this should be interesting.

Alright. I'm dancing. I'm adorable! Look at me, I'm dancing. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. I hate tiny chickens! I can't get them until they're in the box. Ah! That one's fast. Wha! Oh jeez. Almost got killed. You, you, you, you. (Sings along to the music) Yeah! I got all the chickens! What does that do for me?

Turbined! That's my special attack. Yeah I got a corn dog! All my life is back. Ah woot! Got a corn dog. Ah woot! I actually recorded the audio for this, if you were wondering.

Ah! Ah no! I had my hand stuck in the wrong place. Jeez. There's so much poop. Yeah! Take that, pooping Nintendo. Take that pooping Nintendo! Ooh yeah! Happened to a slim Jim.

Alright, get up there. Whoa. Okay. Excellent. Ah! That's not what I wanted to have happen. Awesome. Get to that flag thing. What does this do? Oh, to the next stage of the level. I have a pirate here. Apparently I have to go up and over him. Pirate and ninja. A pirate! A ninja! This is awesome! I'm of a mind be takin' all those shinies ye been collectin'. And then the ninja doesn't say anything 'cause he's a ninja. Couldn't o said it better myself me silent friend. Yar!

Ah! Do I have to hit the green one? Yes, I think I have to hit the green one. And then they change. That's kind of a fun mechanic. Ah, ah, ah! No! Don't hit me off! No! Dink! Oh jeez. Oh come on.

Oh! I died! I can't believe I died. Yeah! Oh yeah! Arg! It all makes sense at the end. Ha, now they've caught themselves on fire and everything. Ah! Man, I'm not very good, but the good news is, you have unlimited lives.

So that's a catapult that shoots you over. Why not. Yeah exploding pirates and ninjas! Okay, go up between them.

Your special attack, which you can do by clicking on your character is AWESOME. It protects you from damage while it's happening, so when your character reminds you to be awesome (like he did just now) you can probably do something awesome by touching yourself. [Laughs] Is that really what it says? You can also activate your special attack by pressing space bar.