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Franny Choi (she/her/hers) reads the poem, "Door in the Mountain" by Jean Valentine.

Franny Choi:

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My name is Franny Choi,  and I'm going to be reading  "Door in the Mountain" by Jean Valentine. This is probably Jean Valentine's most famous poem, and the first time I encountered it, it was... utterly mysterious to me.

Like I had no idea what to make of it. And each subsequent time  that mystery has kind of become... richer? Even though I don't understand it anymore.

The deep mystery of it became more fruitful and more exciting, and also it's one of those poems that just like got lodged in my—in my brain. And so I'm just thankful for the ways that this poem has kind of like taken up residence in my brain, and I'm excited to share a  bit of that mystery with you! Never ran this hard through the valley never ate so many stars I was carrying a dead deer tied on to my neck and shoulders deer legs hanging in front of me heavy on my chest People are not wanting to let me in Door in the mountain let me in