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...there was "The Best New Years Resolution Ever Happy New Year Streamers," one of my earlier books. I still write books. Try, for instance,


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Good morning, Hank.

It's Tuesday, January 27th. I'm in the fifth week of my office reorganization project. And, as you can see, it's going swimmingly.

Hank, today's video comes to you in two very special parts. Part one: "The Best New Years Resolution Ever. Happy New Year.

Streamers." Hank, "The Best New Years Resolution Ever. Happy New Year. Streamers." is a book that I wrote when I was a child that I have discovered during my office reorganization project. [Reading.] Three years ago on New Years Day, everybody in my family had to make one New Years resolution.

I hated that. "Mom, why us!" "Because!" (Uh, Hank, if we could take just one second away from the story, I would like to explain the whole question of the staircase to nowhere. When I was a kid growing up in Orlando, Florida, I believed that the definition of "rich" was that you had stairs in your house. Like I believed in the whole direct relationship between richness and stairs so completely, that I thought that the IRS, like, came to your house every year and was like, "How many stairs you got?" And you were like, "Thirteen." And they were like, "That'll be $20,000." Alright, back to the story now.) My mother promised to clean out the drawers.

She hasn't done that since we left Michigan in '26. "Mom, there is little brown things." Dad promised to weigh under 600 pounds. That would be a miracle. "I promise to weigh under 600 pounds." "But dad, that's what you promised last year." (By the way, note that you can tell dad is fat due to his belly.) My brother promised to take a bath. He smells like a skunk.

At the bottom of the stairs like a typical poor kid, Hank's like, "I'll take a bath." And then at the top of the stairs little mister rich pants says, "You've never done that!" And me, well, I promise to try my hardest. "Bravo!" "Thank you." And out of all the resolutions, mine was the only one to come true. "Yay!" And then you can see the stairs that lead up to the top of the podium. What has the first podium slot? Oh, it's me.

The end. Oh, my god. I'm so sorry.

I mean, dad, you're not fat. And, mom, there is no little brown things in the cabinets. And, Hank, you don't sme...well, actually, you could stand to take more showers.

Part two: The re-invigoration of the Ning. Hank, the Ning has been suffering from a little bit of neglect, so much so that in fact many people watching this video are probably saying, "What's the Ning?" Link in the side bar. And I think I've come to the conclusion that we just can't run the Ning by ourselves.

Hank, what we need is some Ningmasters. Ningmaster's a fun word to say. It's like all the best parts of a ringmaster except you don't have to get eaten by lions.

So, nerdfighters, starting soon there will be a few Ningmasters. They're going to feature new content on the main page of the Ning. They're going to organize and moderate the crazy Ning forums.

And they're generally just going to raise up the awesome levels of the Ning. If you are a committed, made-of-awesome nerdfighter who would like to be a Ningmaster, apply by creating a blog post telling me why you should be a Ningmaster, and then I will pick a few of my favorites and those people will become Ningmasters. Also, even if you do not want to be a Ningmaster, if you do want to share your creative awesome with other people on the Ning, start making blog posts.

In fact, even if you're uploading photos and videos, try to upload them as blog posts. Because that makes it much more likely that we can feature them on the front page. Okay, I've got to go back to writing the Paper Towns screen play.

Hank, thanks for being awesome. Nerdfighters, oh, my gosh, you're so great.