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This week's questions:
1:08 - When we get food takeaways, often we don't know if the cook is sick or hasn't washed his hands. Is microwaving the food to high temperature be the most practical way to kill germ/virus? For how long?
2:28 - Is there any evidence on drinking water while eating dinner or lunch is not beneficial to digestion? If so, when should you drink water after a meal?
4:00 - A close relative to me asked my doctor (who happens to be also theirs) about my health. The doctor answered them. Is the doctor wrong?
5:30 - Circumcision have significant health benefits if so, does the EU experience worth health outcomes because of lower rates of circumcision.
9:01 - My primary doctor repeatedly suggested I take prescription diet pills for weight loss during my first physical with them. Is this normal? Are diet pills actually effective for weight loss?
10:18 - I was looking for evidence about this and found one study that looked at 3000 some odd SIDS deaths and found something like 75% of them were cosleeping... but this stat seems irrelevant to me. Isn't such a stat completely confounded by the percentage of infants cosleeping vs not? Don't we need to compare the rates of cosleeping infants who get SIDS to the percent of back in bassinet ones that are? (Aaron mentions a Indiana television commercial that aired many years back. You can watch it here:
14:29 - I follow basic precautions to avoid getting sick. I wash my hands before I eat and before touching my face. Some friends say this is bad for my immune system, because I'm not exposing myself to normal levels of pathogens. They imply I'll either develop an autoimmune disease because my immune system doesn't have enough foreign pathogens to fight off, or I will not develop immunity to common diseases, and I'll get sick more often. My theory is that I'm always exposed to low levels of pathogens when I'm in public. Why should I expose myself to higher concentrations (by eating without washing my hands, etc)? I feel like I get the last laugh, because I haven't been sick in three years, while many of my friends get sick multiple times per year. I don't want to be causing problems for myself in the long-term, though. Is there any hard data on this topic?
17:08 - Are there any actual, measurable, health risks associated with home air fresheners/scented candles?
17:45 - Is there any evidence linking many years of bicycling to higher than normal PSA scores?
18:43 - Are there any long term studies on the long term effectiveness of LASIK eye surgery?
20:07 - What is your take on the PPI/dementia link study recently in JAMA? And, as an RN, why am I still giving these out to, nearly, all my pts?
22:31 - Who are your favorite health science writers in the media?
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