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I am at the conference right now, so I actually can't write a proper description here...but online video good. And exciting. Much love to YouTube for promoting this stuff and much love to all the people below, who everyone should check out.

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Hank: Good morning, John. This morning, I woke up in a hotel room that smelled like cigarette smoke and cleaning fluid, just driving the point home: we do not always sleep in the nicest hotel room in the world. I was sleeping in that hotel room because it is a very short walk to YouTube, the place where the majority of people who make YouTube a thing work. I always expect it to be a bigger building than that. I'm here to attend a thing for people who make and encourage and are excited about educational video online. And I am very excited about that stuff. They even let me give a little talk, which was great.

Hank (onstage): When I was in the bathroom, I found something that I think illustrates the point well, that you can, like even an extremely established industry, like toilet paper making, still has room for innovation.

Hank: People did not seem as excited about this as I was, but they just completely made the roll-y thing obsolete. Why did we have it in the first place? Basically, in my talk, I argue that making educational video is a completely different value proposition for the consumer of that video than making entertaining video. It's just a different thing. And I think it really has the potential powers to change the face of the world. So I'm very happy to be doing this with you, John. And also to be doing this with a lot of other great creators who you probably know, but other people who are watching this video may not know. So I wanted to show you some of those they are!

Derek Muller: My name is Derek Muller and I run a channel called Veritasium which is the element of truth because, see, veritas- is the Latin word meaning truth and -ium is the tradition ending for "element". So Veritasium; the element of truth.

Brady Haran: My name is Brady Haran, and I'm a video journalist based in the United Kingdom, and I run several channels including Periodic Videos, and Numberphile and Sixty Symbols. Deep Sky Videos. And Nottingham Science and Bibledex, Words of the World, Foodskey and there's a couple of other ones.

Hank Green: It's so nice for there to be someone in the world with more YouTube channels than me.

CGP Grey: Does that really not sound like me?

Hank Green: You sound different.

CGP Grey: I sound different? So what happens if the electoral college is tied? Does that sound more like me? There we go. That's my voice.

Vi Hart: I'm Vi Hart! Have you noticed the moon is really roundy I don't know if you were here last night, umm, they don't have roundy moons in New York is what I'm saying.

Henry Reich: You're just going to not tell me you're taking videos and I'll just stand here smiling at you.

Hank Green: Yes, that's what I was going to do. Introduce yourself. People may not know you.

Henry Reich: My name is Henry, Henry Reich. I make videos called Minute Physics. Some people watch them.

Michael: Hey, Hank Green's camera. Michael from Vsauce here. I'm in San Bruno, a.k.a. close to San Francisco, talking to Hank's camera. I'm imagining that it's his eyes, and I'm looking very deeply into them, and I'm doing this.

Destin: Hey, it's me, Destin. Welcome to Smarter Every Day, and this is who?

Hank Green: I'm Hank.

Destin: Who are you?

Hank Green: Hi, I'm Hank.

Destin: We're going to stretch this.

Hank Green: Okay, hold on, let me focus on it. Okay.

Destin: All right, stretch that, okay.

Hank Green and Destin: (grunting)

Destin: Okay, now we're going to bend it and then just wad it up. We've ruined our spring.

Hank Green: Oh, why did you do that?

Destin: Oh man, I don't know. Let's see if we can fix it.

Brady: Ooh, I can confirm that that's hot.

Destin: It takes a little bit, but just watch.

Voices off camera: Ohhhh. Whoa.

Vi (off camera): It's alive!

Hank Green: Whoa. That's witchcraft!

Smarter Every Day is going to do a whole video on that memory spring thing, and I'm looking forward to it, so you should subscribe to his channel and also to Vi Hart and Vsauce and Veritasium -- why are there so many V's? And Minute Physics and all of Brady's channels. So many channels! You should also subscribe to CrashCourse and SciShow. Don't forget about those ones. I'm really happy to be here, and I'm really happy to see that old industries can have innovations. But having seen the perspective of all these amazing innovators and educators, there is nothing right now that excites me more than revolutionizing how we teach and also what we teach.

John, I honestly think that we're a part of that innovation and I think that we are so lucky to be there. But even more so, of course, we are lucky to have a community of people who support that. So thank you to everyone who does.

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

Brady Haran: For Deep Sky videos, if you're liking this

Derek Muller: Veritasium if you're liking this.

Brady Haran: Yeah. But remember, it's not all about looks. There's more to someone than looks.

Derek Muller: It's all about brains.

Brady Haran: Because otherwise Hank wouldn't have so many subscribers.