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Joe Penna interviewed by Lee Newton from backstage at Vidcon 2012!

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Lee: Hi guys. Welcome backstage at VidCon. I'm Lee Newton with SourceFed and we are here with:

Joe: Mystery Guitar Man.

L: Mystery Guitar Man.

J: Or Joe Penna.

L: Or Joe Penna. Download for us.

J: OK.

L: Give us 30 seconds for those people that haven't seen your channel, what it is, how you do it, daily ladadadadadada.

J: So what I do is I do, like, special effects videos, I do, like, music videos, I do, like, short, little skits.

L: Now you were on the main stage.

J: I was, yes.

L: About ten minutes ago. How was that?

J: It was fun, it was a lot of fun. I did an old song that I did with a friend of mine called SupRicky. I did a song called Looping around. I had a little special looping pedal that...

L: Ah! The looping pedal.

J: Yes, the looping pedal.

L: Now what number of VidCon is this for you?

J: Number three.

L: Number three!

J: Yes.

L: Look at the champ go. Glasses the entire time?

J: No, I took them off once.

L: Oh!

J: But people died and it was, like...

L: Yeah, it's dangerous.

J: Yeah, it's really...

L: Yeah.

J: Like it's kind of like the...

L: Cyclops.

J: X-men, yeah. Exactly.

L: I know. Looking forward to the future of your channel and the future of your work, what are you doing?

J: I think I'm gonna start doing a lot more narrative stuff 'cause that's what people have been asking.

L: Yeah.

J: I've been focused on music and visuals for so long that I'm kind of ready to, you know, bring, like, stories that hit people's hearts in their faces.

L; That's the byline of your book.

J: Yeah.

L: Hitting hearts in people's faces. So this VidCon what are you, you know, how is it different from the last three? What are you looking forward to? What do you love about it?

J: I think there's a lot more industry stuff, you know. The first year it was just a little bit of industry and now it's, like, really, like a whole day just for industry stuff. So I think it's good for the business so we get to keep doing videos.

L: So guys, thanks for joining us backstage at VidCon. I'm Lee Newton with SourceFed and thanks again to:

J: Joe Penna.

L: Joe Penna.

Both: Mystery Guitar Man.

L: Jinx! Oh!

J: Oh.