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Join Shimrit Ben-Yair, Director of Product Management at YouTube, as she discusses the steps the platform is taking to strengthen it's global community. Having launched the wildly successful YouTube Kids app, Shimrit is now focused on making things like sharing content, growing channels and interacting with fans easier and more rewarding than ever.
Hello VidCon. Hello VidCon.

I'm so excited to be here today. My name is Shimrit Ben-Yair and I'm a product director at YouTube. I lead a team called Community where we're focused on helping you better connect with your fans.

Days like today remind me why I love my job. While I'm passionate about building products, nothing replaces the feeling of meeting you guys face to face. Here at VidCon, I'v met creators who have done everything from pranking, to planking, from slow motion to stop motion and from beatboxing to unboxing.

You're more than just faces on screens. You are a part of a global community that supports each other in the big and small moments. Whether that means dressing up in a unicorn onesie for your best friend's event are getting Evelyn from the internets video in front of Beyonce who then used it on tour.

It's how you surprise tech blogger Austin Evans with a new computer after his house burned down and how 55 Indonesian creators rallied together to create their own YouTube rewind video. Every day I ask myself "how can we make you two better for you?" For those of you staying up until 2am at night to edit your videos. For those of you filming on the go.

Many of your balancing several lives at once - some are parents, some are teachers some are students you have full time jobs and part-time jobs and somehow you still find the time to create these incredible videos. How can we help you stand out? Every day a thousand creators pass the thousand subscriber mark.

That's amazing but we're not stopping there. Here are a few recent and new launches designed with you in mind. First we're building better tools for you to express yourselves from anywhere and at any time.

We've supported livestream since 2011 but soon we'll be putting the power of YouTube live stream in the palm of your hands. Mobile live streaming will be available right in the core YouTube app so you can share what you're seeing as the story unfolds. Beyond live we've also revamped our entire mobile video creation experience, so you can easily record edit and upload on the go.

Your subscribers will be notified sooner too. It used to take hours to notify subscribers about your upload now we've made it so they are alerted within seconds. We believe there are no ceilings on your potential.

It's a matter of when not if you'll make it big and we want to be there for you every step of the way. As our CEO Susan Wojcicki mentioned in her keynote, this week we've launched YouTube for creators. It's a program that unblocks benefits as you grow from one subscriber to 10 million.

For example at 1000 subscribers you'll be invited to local meetups and workshops at YouTube spaces around the world. At 10,000 subscribers you'll be able to film at your local space and get a channel consultation with a YouTube partner manager. You'll also be eligible for YouTube Nextup, a program where we select 360 creators to jumpstart your channel.

Best of all we are creating support so anyone with a monetized channel can get in touch with a human being at. YouTube and hear back within one business day. Previously this was only offered to 200,000 partners and now we're offering it to the tens of millions of you through our new creator hub,

By popular demand, we've also taken a hard look at how to improve comments. Comments are where meaningful conversation start after your videos of ended. So we're launching you features to give you more control.

This includes comment moderation which will enable you have others remove comments for you. And coming soon you'll also have the ability to pin comments to the top of your watch page so you can set the tone for the conversation. We also want to make sure that you're paid properly.

That's why we're working on new solutions to enable you to earn revenue even during Content ID claims disputes. Earned money will be held and paid out after the dispute as resolved, so you don't miss a single paycheck. [Applause] We've also observed that a strike isn't always the best indication of abuse. For examples new creators might inadvertently get strikes because they're still learning the ropes.

In fact most channels that got a strike never get another one. So the one-size-fits-all approach is not the best way to handle it. That's why coming soon will be adjusting how penalties are applied when a creator receives a strike.

As much as creativity and community matter, we also know that many of you are here for something more. There are causes and nonprofits that are near and dear to your heart. And many of you use YouTube to raise money and awareness to them.

We recently launched donation cards, a tool that enables viewers to donate directly from your channel. We cover processing fees so a 100% of the donation goes straight to the causes that you care about. [Applause]. Time and time again, we've seen you use these tools and your communities respond when it matters the most.

Two weeks, ago I woke up to the gut-wrenching use that one of our own. Christina Grimmie was taken from us far too soon. Many of you knew her as an amazing woman with a big voice and an even bigger heart.

Your outpouring of love came in the form of covers and tributes. You helped us make sense of a senseless tragedy. I was reminded of this again when 49 innocent lives were taken from us in.

Orlando. You continue to show why empathy is so powerful, why love prevails over hate. It's one of the reasons i'm so proud to work at YouTube.

YouTube is where every race sexuality nationality and religion is embraced and is equal. It's where everyone is welcome and anyone can thrive. [Applause]. I'm excited for what all of these changes may mean for you going forward.

You know not too long ago Dustin Sandlin sat in your seat and in January he sat beside Barack Obama to interview him. Before Bethany Mota was on a billboard she was making videos in her bedroom just like you. I can't wait to see where this next year will take you.

I'm excited for all that you'll do, all the stories that you're going to share, all the memories that you're going to make, and all the people that you will inspire. Thank you.