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With VidCon 2012 a month away, we wanted to look back a bit at VidCon 2011 and remember how amazing this was. This year promises to be bigger, better, more interesting, and more inspiring than ever.

We'll see you there!

Edited by JoJo Dodd and Hank Green

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John Green: Hank some day we're gonna do, like, a big conference.

Hank Green: Some day John.

JG: Wouldn't it be something. IT HAPPENED!

(Video montage of VidCon 2011)

Charlie McDonnell: I was about 16 when I started making videos and I'm 20 now. It's built me as a person.

Ze Frank: VidCon is like, you know, it's 2500 people growing, growing, growing, and they're all, you know, young excited makers. I mean they're making things and I can't imagine, like, a better community of people to be around.