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Julia Nunes discusses her transfer from YouTube star to real-life success with Shira Lazar at VidCon.

Julia Nunes

With Shira Lazar

Filmed by Mark Ostrick
Shira: Hey, Shira Lazar coming to you from VidCon with Julia Nunes.  Yay, where's your guitar there?

Julia: Oh, it is the tiny guitar, ukulele, down here.  

Shira: Very nice.  How does it feel to be here with all your fellow YouTubers?

Julia: Pretty awesome.  It's just like a really nice, like, friendly environment, you know?

Shira: So tell people your story, because you shared your music on YouTube and then, that really helped you bridge into more of the mainstream.

Julia: Yeah, I kind of got this, like, really great little cult following and then the YouTube people found me and put me on the front page and it's just been this kind of huge explosion and it allows me to play shows.  I just played a show in LA two nights ago, and it was incredible.  I--I have no idea why it's happening, but it's cool.

Shira: But is it that simple though?  I mean, what do you feel the recipe is to making that happen?

Julia: Oh, man.  If I'm being honest, it's probably like a secret thing that if you, like, know it, you can't pull it off.  If you're trying too hard, it won't work, so I just kind of hope and then it seems to be working.

Shira: Where have you seen things evolve after you started getting people watching?

Julia: I mean, I think the biggest, like, surprise was opening for Ben Folds and that was kind of amazing, and then I started playing my own shows with this great crowd singing my songs with me and it's weird, unexpected to say the least.  I'm a little bit of a procrastinator, so when I know I have to do something, I don't really do it.  So, music is usually a distraction from schoolwork or my job or, you know, stuff that I'm trying to avoid by making YouTube videos.

Shira: That's why you continue to do it.  

Julia: Yeah, yeah.  

Shira: Isn't it cool that the distraction--is that turning into a career for you?

Julia: I have recently started to trust that this might be something I can actually do, so up until recently, I've been really cautious about like, making it something that I plan on succeeding in.

Shira: And what about engaging with your fans?  

Julia: I think that might be my favorite part, especially being here, hanging out at the merchandise tables and meeting fans and signing things, it's like, a wonderful feeling.  

Shira: So describe being here at VidCon, because there are a ton of people here.

Julia: Yeah, I mean, there were like, a thousand people in the room just now that I played in, and I'm sure not all of them knew who I was, but they applauded and screamed and loved it, and you know, it's just like, the most friendly group of people you could ever come across.

Shira: Yes.  What does the future hold for Julia Nunes?

Julia: Hopefully more music.  

Shira: Any message for the fans?

Julia: Thank you.  Blehhh!  

Shira: End scene.  There you go.