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Jacksgap interviewed by Elliott Morgan from at Vidcon 2013!

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Elliott: Hey guys, I'm Elliott Morgan and I'm here with Jack and Finn Harries from JacksGap. Holy crap! They're awesome!

Jack: Hey.

E: So what are you guys doing? What do you guys think so far of VidCon.

Finn: It's amazing.

E: Yeah.

F: There's a lot of people here.

J: It's grown so much. Like the first year was like 1,400 people. This year it was like 12,000/13,000 people. It's nuts.

E: One billion is the actual number.

J: One billion.

E: One billion. I looked it up.

J: That's why.

E: So what are you guys working on that you're most excited about? I know you guys just launched your website which is awesome.

F: Yeah, we just launched

J: Launched a website called which has got, like, a blog on it and a forum and stuff which is exciting. So a load of people signing up at the moment.

E: Who are you guys most excited to meet while you're here? Is there anybody in particular?

F: I already asked you that.

J: I'm a big fan of GloZell and I've never really properly got to meet her until today.

E: Have you seen her from afar? I feel like everyone's seen...

J: Yeah, I've seen her from afar, yeah.

F: Green lipstick.

J: She's just got this amazing presence.

E: Oh yeah.

J: I just want to hug her.

E: It's lime. Her presence is just lime, like, radiating from her.

J: Yeah, so her. But anyone else?

F: Philip, Philip DeFranco I really want to meet.

J: I nearly did!

E: Philip DeFranco, I've heard of him. I've never seen anything he does. Does he do, like is he a singer? What else are you guy doing throughout the rest of the weekend that maybe people can come see you do or maybe people can look up?

J: Yeah. So at VidCon, well, we've got, after this we have a panel, a Becoming YouTube panel with Ben Cook about the series that he made on YouTube. And then tomorrow we've got a meetup, we're trying to remember the time, I think it's 12:30-1:30.

E: Finally, one last question. If you could give, like, one piece of advice to anybody out there, because we're surrounded by people right now that want to essentially do what we do, what is, like, if you condensed everything you know and make it into one thing, you guys are filmmakers, what would be the one tip you'd give somebody?

J: Be more like Elliott Morgan. (Elliot claps) No, be yourself, be happy, and just do it, just do what makes you happy.

F: And follow your passion. If you don't enjoy doing it you're not going to continue doing it, so just do something you really enjoy doing.

J: Sure, right there.

E: Perfect. Nailed it. Jack and Finn, guys. Thank you so much, it was awesome.

F: Thanks, dude. Appreciate it.

J: Nice to meet you, bro.