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Join this panel of leading female executives as they discuss their views on the media, digital, and influencer space, and provide first-hand advice on how you can empower women to become leaders and innovators in an ever-changing landscape.

0:00 Taylor Lorenz - Reporter, New York Times
0:30 Lisa Filipelli - Partner & Talent Manager, Select
1:05 Arleta Fowler - Digital Talent & Packaging Agent, CAA
2:16 Sarah Weichel - Founder, SWC
3:10 Caroline Yim - Music Agent, CAA
3:45 What career path did you take to get to a leading role in your organization
13:00 What does it mean to be representative?
18:00 How do I as talent ensure I’m being represented properly?
20:35 As a smaller creator, what is my first step to finding representation?
23:50 What would each of you say to the young women who are inspiring to be a leader?
26:20 What degree should I pursue in college?
30:20 Does your location depend on success for this industry?
31:15 What would you like to change in this industry?
34:20 What did you wish you knew about this industry before you started?
35:20 What do you do to decompress?
38:15 How do you evaluate talent on new platforms?
41:44 What music do you listen to Caroline?

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