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Brittani: VidCon 2010, I'm going to VidCon 2010.  Joey and I decided that my Yoda name, like Star Wars, is Yanni.  

I had never been to a YouTube gathering of any sort so needless to say, I was pumped. 

We're at the hotel for the convention, the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, in Century City, California.  

Goin' down to the ballroom on the escalator.  

This is my first time using a flip cam and I'm getting better.  I think I chopped off my face a couple times.  

Right away, I got to meet so many people, and everybody was so nice and it was just my pleasure to get to hang out with y'all.

They drew me pictures.  Oh my God, I'm trying not to cry right now.  These are so cool.  I'm going to treasure them forever.  

Meagan Rose is the coolest person ever. 

These boots are made for walkin', so that's just what I'm gonna do.  One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you.  

Guy: Start walkin', boots.

There were over 1500 people at VidCon, and it was just a crazy fun madhouse and there were live performances, and people speaking and I got up and spoke a little bit.  

I've never been in front of this large an audience.  I love you too!  
And then my friend Shane spoke a little bit.  

Shane: Oh, wow, you can almost see my crotch in that shot.  

(Shane sings runway music)

Everybody's so nice, I'm waiting for somebody to be like, (Bleep) you, Shane.  

fan: I want you to leave a sloppy fart on my face.

Brittani: I just wanna--I wanna be with one person forever, and Shane's just--I dunno, what's your reasons?  

Shane: I'm lazy.  

Brittani: Do you guys think I'm annoying?

girl: No?

Brittani: Yeah?  

I had so much fun and I felt really honored to be surrounded by such creative, talented people from all over the world and yeah, I really didn't want it to end.  

Now subscribe to this guy, 'cause he's so frickin' awesome.

Joey: Aw, thank you, you guys are, too.

There's Brittani.

I'm a complete YouTube n00b.  I actually don't know anybody here.

That is Brittani, there is Brittani.