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Hank and John Green kick off the VidCon 2011 live stream!
John Green: Hi internet! Welcome to VidCon 2011!

Hank Green: You guys are very good at being loud!

JG: Yeah! It's been this way for two and a half days, but tragically, you haven't been able to join us. But now you can! Alright!

HG: John...

JG: So much noise. 

HG: It was a lot, it was like physic- like a physical wall.

JG: Awesome.

HG: That is how they make tractor beams in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Crowds like that. 

JG: So for the last two days here at VidCon we have been having a great time talking about online video, hanging out with each other, making friends, feeling the love and the awesome of this extraordinary YouTube community.

HG: Online video is pretty freaking amazing. It's taken, uh, entertainment to places that entertainment has never gotten to go before because you can do whatever you want. You can even do stuff that no one will want to watch. And then sometimes people will watch it anyway.

JG: You can't hug every cat.

HG: You can't hug every cat!

JG: But it is amazing what you can do with online video. You can be anything in this medium, and we've seen that this weekend.

HG: We've seen astronauts. We've seen chefs. We've seen musicians - amazing musicians that, like, would never have found an outlet for their craft if it were not for online video.

JG: Yeah. We've seen Yosemite Bear himself. 

HG: Yes. The most famous discoverer of a double rainbow of all time. 

JG: It's been a magical, uh, weekend, and now, for the next hour and a half, we get to share that magic, uh, with the internet. We wish that you were here with us IRL right now, uh, but, you're not. So...

HG: We decided to do it without you. It would be better if it were you- if you guys were here, but it's still pretty good without you.

JG: So, in front of 2500 made of awesome people that are in this room, and countless more who are watching at home, we're gonna have an amazing show for you, coming up right now, and it's about to start.