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In Part 2: Daniel Harmon shows you the video structure Harmon Brothers use to create videos that get subscribers and sale. Daniel explains how to identify and focus in on the problems your customers (or viewers) have, so that you can create videos that convert to sales or subscribers.

This two-part workshop, led by Daniel Harmon of the Harmon Brothers, will teach you the fundamental process for creating content that speaks to your audience and allows you to increase your revenue as a creator. Each of the workshops will help you to create content that resonates and engages with your audience, as well as focus on interacting with your creator community.

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0:00 Introduction
1:30 Part 1 recap
2:30 Sales structure the Harmon Brothers use
5:55 Part 2: The problem
12:40 Part 3: The Solution
16:25 Part 1: The Hook
25:40 Part 4: The Call to Action
30:55 Part 5: Establish Authority
34:50 Part 6: The Outro
40:00 Q&A
41:00 How can content creators use these tips to make better videos?
43:00 Specific examples of hook for creators
45:00 Should you always use humor in your ads?
47:20 Static banner for CTA during the whole video?
49:45 Thoughts on saying you are better than competitor?
52:20 What do you recommend for button design?
55:00 How do you get someone excited about apparel?
58:30 How to get a copy of the slides.

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