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Rooster Teeth is possibly the most innovative company that doesn’t grab tons of headlines. With a platform of their own, a 30,000 attendee conference, and billions of views a month, it’s a wonder more people aren’t talking about this company. Burnie Burns talks about the online video behemoth that he’s quietly been building over the last ten years.

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My name is Burnie Burns and I am the founder and creative director of Rooster Teeth. We are a company based out of Austin, Texas. We've been making online videos since 2003, at least in the current form of online video. We were making little shorts before that going back to 1999. But Hank asked me to come out and talk to you all today because we share some very common beliefs about audience and community building, and while you're here at Vidcon, especially on the business portion, you're gonna hear a lot of talk about big numbers and scale. Some of them will be really cool, like George's announcement that they're going to be investing ten million dollars in creator content. That is really really awesome. Especially considering that Youtube invested a hundred million just a few years ago. That's a huge milestone for the industry. But you're going to hear a lot of big numbers and for people that are starting out, which I imagine a lot of you are - show of hands, how many of you guys are content creators? That's pretty much right in line with what George said, about 77 percent of you. Yeah, it can be a little daunting to hear those big numbers, and I'm proud of the scale that we have at Rooster Teeth. I'm proud of the big numbers that we have, you know, and I'll just blaze through some of them really quickly. We were the number four most watched channel - our owned and operated Rooster Teeth channel was number four on Youtube last year. We have the longest running webseries with Red vs Blue, in the history of the internet. We have 12.3 million subscribers across our owned and operated channels not including some of our very modest MCN network that we have. Some of our partners we have there. We have over 3.2 billion Youtube views just on our one channel Rooster Teeth. 500 Thousand average views per video that we put up on our Let's Play channel, and then we have a great podcast as well that does great on iTunes. We also have, next weekend as a matter of fact, our own live event down in Austin. It's called RTX. It's a gaming and internet convention. It's going to have 30 thousand attendees this year. So we have big numbers and I'm really proud of that. I realize that there are very few people that have this scale that Rooster Teeth does

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