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The Vlogbrothers interviewed by Joe Bereta from backstage at Vidcon 2012!

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Joe Bereta: Hey guys. I'm backstage at VidCon with the channel SourceFed. My name's Joe Bereta and I am standing here with VidCon masterminds Hank and John Green.

John Green: Our channel Vlogbrothers which we've had for almost six years now is a conversation between Hank and myself. And then we also have a channel called Crash Course where we teach you stuff that you need to know like AP Biology or AP World History but not in a boring, terrifying way but in a fun, accessible way.

Hank Green: I have a channel called Lizzie Bennet Diaries which is basically Pride and Prejudice adapted into a video blog.

JB: That's awesome.

HG: It's a web series fictional thing. And then I have a gaming channel called HankGames that John sometimes joins me on and plays FIFA. My wife and I play Super Mario Brothers Wii which is the best video game which has been created within the last, mmm, ten years.

JG: Bold and incorrect statement.

JB: Very bold. Let us know in the comments down below.

JG: Seriously.

JB: How is VidCon going?

JG: It's pretty crazy. It's crazy to have grown from, you know, like 2500 people to 7200 people this year. The great thing is that even as the conference has grown it still feels intimate, everybody's still friends, and because we're in a lot more space it doesn't feel too crowded so we're having a good time.

JB: What does it feel like being on stage with all of those seats pretty much full.

HG: It's really, really, really scary.

JG: Yeah. My main feeling is fear.

JB: What's the biggest difference between, from your guys experience this year, planning for 2000 people and planning for 6000 to seven, 7200 people?

HG: My huge biggest concern is making sure that lines go well and if people want to get something signed that they're not waiting in a line for four hours and that they don't get to see the person that they were in line to see.

JG: We want to make sure that everyone who came to VidCon had a really great experience and so we just try to put a lot of stuff here so that there's something for everyone.

JB: What's it like planning an event that is for so may different ages? You have to cater to everyone.

HG: Yeah, different ages and different types of people who are doing different sorts of things with online video from, like, just someone who just loves online video to some, you know, someone like yourself. Engineers, people who write code for a living, that's a completely different market. There's just a bunch of different people but there's this unifying thing that really, you know, you actually do love online video.

JB: It's the YouTube, it's the community.

HG: The people who write the code love online video, like, we love this stuff. Mostly it's just having this, like, a bunch of people together who agree on one thing which is that online video's great.

JB: Hey that is it with John and Hank Green. I'm Joe Bereta for SourceFed VidCon behind the scenes. Say bye everybody.

All: Bye.

HG: Thank you Joe.

JB: Hugs.