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2015-09-01: Welcome to The Financial Diet
2015-09-08: How to Save Money
2015-09-15: Having a Side Hustle
2015-09-22: How to Start Dreaming Medium
2015-09-29: How to Quit Your Job
2015-10-13: Why I Love Community College
2015-10-20: How to Move Without Going Broke
2015-10-27: Maximizing Your First Career Job
2015-11-03: 7 Things I Learned From Ruining My Credit
2015-11-17: The Unexpected Expenses of Adulthood
2015-11-24: An Interview With Hank Green
2015-12-01: How to Get a Raise
2015-12-16: What You Should Know About Obamacare
2015-12-23: 9 Investing Terms You Should Know
2015-12-29: 19 Kitchen Essentials for the Home Cook
2016-01-13: 7 Myths About Living Abroad
2016-01-19: 6 Smart Ways to Spend $100
2016-01-26: 8 Money Mistakes We Made (So You Don't Have To)
2016-02-02: Where To Invest (And Where To Skimp) In Your Home
2016-02-09: The 5 Most B.S. Things About Valentine's Day
2016-03-01: 12 Ways to Be Better With Money Today
2016-03-08: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started A "Real" Career
2016-03-15: 6 Credit Card Myths
2016-03-22: 12 Ways to Find Extra Money in Your Budget
2016-04-05: 6 Ways to Defeat Your Laziness
2016-04-13: 10 Questions for a Healthy Budget
2016-05-10: What My Anxiety Costs Me
2016-05-17: Mistakes We Made at Our First 9-To-5 Job
2016-05-24: Money Talks You Should Be Having With Your Friends
2016-06-07: What You Need to Know About Financially Toxic Relationships
2016-06-21: Cringeworthy Things We Saw in Our Intern Applications
2016-06-28: 5 Ways to Defeat Impostor Syndrome
2016-07-05: 5 Underused Ways to Make College Cheaper
2016-07-12: The Difference Between Broke and Poor
2016-07-19: How to Start Using Your Checking Account Properly
2016-07-26: Rapid-Fire Q&A!
2016-08-03: 4 Financial Goals I Reached Without Really Trying
2016-08-16: 11 Things I Cut from My Budget and Don't Miss at All
2016-08-23: TFD's Rules For Mastering The Grocery Store
2016-08-31: The Cost of Getting Dumped
2016-09-06: College Habits That Don't Fly in the Workplace
2016-09-13: 27 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong with Money
2016-09-20: Chelsea's Rule of 4 for Staying Balanced & Happy
2016-09-27: 12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed
2016-10-18: 6 Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Friend Struggling with Money
2016-11-01: 8 Things You Should Invest in When You Graduate College
2016-11-08: How to Save $2,500 by Graduation
2016-11-15: 10 Awesome Money Apps You Might Not Have Heard Of
2016-11-22: 10 Things Everyone Should Know How to Cook for Themselves
2016-11-30: How You Might Get Screwed over When Renting an Apartment
2016-12-13: 6 Embarrassing Money Questions & Answers With Chelsea
2016-12-20: What to Do When You're Broke on Christmas
2017-01-03: Money Resolutions You Can Actually Keep
2017-01-10: How to Be a Better Negotiator
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